Everything you Need to Know about Cooktops

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On the Australian market, there are three main types of cooktops retail buyers can select (gas, electric and induction) and today we are here to help guide you through those options, so you can pick the cooktop that’s perfect for your family.

No matter what budget and style you are looking for, from a basic electric model to an expensive piece of induction art, there are multiple choices you need to make so you don’t end up in regret.

Gas cooktops

Ideal if you’re after instant heat control. We have both 90 cm and 60 cm cooktops available. We also offer both LPG and natural gas cooktops to suit your preference. The high power Wok burners and boiler burners of the cooktop are made from solid brass, providing optimal performance.

  • Variety of designs and finishes, including enamel, glass and stainless steel as well as cast iron trivets, black or white.
  • Advanced features such as flame failure device (FFD) is an advanced safety feature that stops the flow of gas as soon as the flame extinguishes. This safety feature will help to protect property from accidental fire damages.
  • If you love to cook stir-fries, many come with a specially designed burner for woks.
  • Option to purchase Australian-made products proudly using locally-sourced materials.
  • Removable trivets to help you to clean the cooktop effortlessly, allowing you to remove spillage bowls for easy maintenance.
  • Cast iron trivets can be bulky and difficult to clean.
  • Glass and stainless steel finishes require more effort when cleaning.

Induction cooktops

For consumers with a larger budget, who do not mind the ongoing costs of specialised induction cookware.

  • Reacts straight away to temperature changes.
  • Heats food via the increased temperature of the cookware, not from the cooktop itself so the cooktop doesn’t get hot.
  • More expensive than ceramic or gas cooktops.
  • With more ongoing expenses, you can only use certain types of cookware that are compatible with induction. Suitable cookware. This cookware needs to have a ferrous base.

Electric cooktops

For superior performance and stylish design look no further than an electric cooktop.

  • Easy to clean, flat and smooth surface with no dirt traps.
  • Elegant and sleek in aesthetics
  • They’re particularly useful for cooking foods that require very low temperatures, such as melting chocolate.
  • The best heat control available to the Australian public
  • The stylish look of induction without the expense of induction pots and pans
  • Safety features created with love for your family.
  • There’s often no lip around the edge of the cooktop to contain spills.
  • They hold heat even after being switched off – however, most come with heat warning lights that stay on until the surface reaches a safe temperature.

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