21 Sustainable Kitchen Design Ideas for 2021

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If we were giving out an Uncelebrated Hero award for 2020, it would go to the home kitchen. In fact, every home kitchen in Australia. Most of us spent more time indoors than ever before. How we work, cook, relax and entertain in our homes significantly changed. 

With staying in being commonplace, we have all spent more time than usual in our home kitchens. Consequently, the function and look of kitchens are transforming too. We’ve asked industry experts at top retailers for their thoughts and insights on what’s coming to dominate this hardworking space in 2021. Also, we’ve thrown in a couple of hot trends of our own. Keep it here as we unveil sustainable kitchen design ideas for 2021. See for yourself which fixtures, appliances, colours, and finishes will be popular this year. 

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  1. Long-Lasting Cookware – Choosing cookware and utensils that can stand the test of time is a great way to incorporate sustainability in equipping your kitchen. Avoid Teflon products that’ll be discarded with your leftover casserole, even if discussions about the health risks of non-stick surfaces continue. Instead, go for cast iron or stainless steel.  Electric Cooktop 4 1440x1440

  2. More Cooking Control – Invest in cooking appliances that give more control over your meal. In that regard, electric cooktops may not be an ideal choice. Get a gas cooktop or a modern electric one with power controls such as the 9-Stage Power Setting Goldline electric cooktop.

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    Contour sketch drawing of modern L-shape corner kitchen interior on white long background. Top view. Web design template.

  3. L-Shaped Designs – If a report by the United States’ Kitchen Association is anything to go by, the L-Shaped kitchen is set to dominate kitchen shapes in 2021.  We agree with the findings because this design supports efficiency and seamlessly flows into the next room. If your home lacks square footage, the L-shaped design is an excellent classic kitchen design. It allows you to get all you want in a small area. AdobeStock 383044143 1440x960

  4. Eco-Conscious Cooking – As more people are embracing environmentally conscious habits, investing in eco-friendly cooking appliances is on top of sustainable kitchen design ideas in 2021. The Goldline Electric Cooktop is a perfect choice because it doesn’t use as much energy as gas while lowering your monthly bill.

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    Penthouse living room and kitchen interior design, lounge with sofa and carpet, dining table, island with stools, parquet. Modern minimalist white and gray architecture concept idea

  5. Open Space – In 2020, more detachment between the kitchen and other rooms was a trendy concept. Forget that. Since we’re spending more time at home, the walls are going down with the line separating the living room and kitchen fading. Though not for entertainment purposes, the open-concept kitchen involves the family chef in the happenings of your living room. You can supervise the kids while making dinner. G2 Png 1440x650

  6. Maintenance-Free Appliances – Stoves are among the most difficult parts of our kitchen to keep looking clean. Save more time for at-home-learning and working with a Goldline Electric Stove that needs less time to clean and maintain.

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    Dish and decorations on open wooden shelves in white kitchen

  7. Non-Hardware Cabinets – Minimal hardware is good but not good enough. So, scratch that as homeowners are shelving the knobs all together. Streamline the feel of your kitchen with simple cabinetry featuring grab-able holes or notches.

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  8. Even-Heat Cooking – Although an eco-conscious kitchen begins with eating green, it doesn’t stop there. Energy-efficient food preparation is top among sustainable kitchen ideas for 2021. Invest in a reliable electric cooktop for even heating and faster cooking. We recommend Goldline’s Electric Cooktops for guaranteed energy-efficient cooking.

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  9. Bigger Kitchen Islands – The kitchen island footprint is growing and it might mean getting more preparation space. Also, it implies more room for learning at home and even spreading out for Zoom meetings. It comes with bottom cabinetry, offering additional storage for all the new tools you ordered this year.


  10. Elevate Splashbacks Ideas – Easily customise your kitchen with an elevated splashbacks design. Adding a shiny surface like mirrored helps to reflect light, making your kitchen look brighter and larger.

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  11. Warm Kitchen Countertops – Darker countertop colour is the go-to tone if you’re after some change from the white stone countertops schemes we’ve been seeing for ages. Whether glossy or matte, dark countertops will add pop to the vibrant linens and blooms and make your dishes sparkle.AdobeStock 188191506 1440x961

  12. Upper Cabinets – Open shelves don’t work for the average homeowner. Apart from allowing dust to gather on dishes, it also gives up storage space to achieve a pretty design element. That’s why upper cabinets are making a comeback. B3 Png 1440x763

  13. Multi-Dishes Cooking – Leverage plenty of kitchen space to cook multiple dishes at once with tailor-made cooktops like Goldline’s 5-burner Lifestyle Series Cooktops, specifically engineered for modern, large Australian families.  

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  14. Glass Doors – Another exceptional trend in 2021 is the dimpled or fluted glass front. It keeps grime and dust away from items while allowing you to see inside the cabinets. Glass doors are becoming popular with some upper cabinets but not all of them. Screen Shot 2021 03 06 At 4.33.29 Pm 1440x811

  15. DualPurpose Appliances – Consider appliances such as microwaves and cooktops designed to function incredibly while still keeping your kitchen’s amazing look. Here’s an example by Goldline Corp.

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  16. Woven Light Fixtures – Open up the top half of your kitchen for a nice balance of upper cabinetry and support air circulation. Forget the bulkier industrial-like pendant lighting in favour of more minimal metal models if not woven shades.

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  17. More Artwork – Having vintage paintings and prints in a kitchen isn’t new, though it’s still popular among sustainable kitchen design ideas for 2021. However, remember to have the pieces away from places susceptible to splatters and spills or the stove. AdobeStock 210717973 1440x642

  18. MultiPurpose Countertops – Make your kitchen roomier with a multipurpose countertop. Install a few upper shelves to store things and free your countertop space for washing, dining, and cooking.


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  19. Smaller Appliances – Getting smaller appliances such as the narrow gas cooktop from Goldline Corp is an ideal way to reduce the cluttered feeling in a small space.

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  20. Induction Cooktops – Keep your eyes open because you are about to witness an increase in demand for induction-based cooktops instead of electric and gas. Apart from being easier to clean and maintain, induction cooking also uses less energy and is more eco-friendly than gas.

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    The interior of the bright kitchen with a bar in the Scandinavian style

  21. Wood Shelves – Watch out for more natural wood tones for shelves in both dark and light finishes. Not only does wood feel organic and durable, but also pairs nicely with both darker and white paint colours. 

The Wrap Up

Eating green is the first sign of an eco-friendly kitchen. But environmentally-conscious cleaning habits, food preparation, and avoiding toxic chemicals are all part of our roundup of sustainable kitchen design ideas for 2021. The simple and straightforward industry expert suggestions will change you into a greener gourmet in an instant. 



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