Gas Stove Tops: The Ultimate Guide

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4 Burner Gas Cooktop

Goldline’s gas stovetops are the perfect combination of performance and design.

As the preferred narrow cooktop supplier for Harvey Norman and The Good Guys, you can rest assured knowing you are investing in long term quality.

18 MJ/hr is a very powerful burner in comparison with the market average on 14 MJ/ hr (except GLDAUL5) with the closest competitor model with the same heat capability being almost 3x more expensive. You cannot beat the exceptional value of Goldline.

Goldline cooktops are specially designed for real cooks in small spaces. Take a look at our 3 burner solution designed specifically with two large burners and one small central burner. Perfect for two large woks and a central rice burner. Home cooking in a small space at it’s best.

The importance of flame failure Devices (FFD)

Flame Failure Device is a feature that cuts the gas supply to burners as soon as the flame extinguishes. It minimises the risks of accidental fire damage due to cooktop issues. While gas cooktops are impressive for their instant heat control, some fall short in terms of safety. We strongly don’t recommend purchasing any gas cooktop that doesn’t have a flame failure safety feature.

Do you have main gas?

If you’re building, renovating or thinking of changing from an electric or induction cooktop the first thing is to check that mains gas is available where you live. If the main gas is unavailable you can use bottled LPG. This is a popular option for many regional homes.

Size and shape

After choosing what finishes you prefer the next decision will be, do you want a square or rectangle model? And how much bench space do you have to work with? Generally, gas cooktops come in 60, 70, 80, and 90 cm widths, so choosing the best size for your kitchen will depend on bench space and range hood size and or how many burners you need. If you have a narrow bench, your choice of brands may be limited. The narrow bench by Goldline offers a 50 cm wide bench (40 cm cut out) with a wide range of burners from a single burner to 5 burners. You also have a square narrow bench option.


When considering how many burners you need, you need to consider your style of cooking, the size of your wok/ pans and how everything will fit. Cooking on a 60cm gas cooktop with 4 burners will only allow 3 saucepans to fit comfortably. there can be restricted access to some burners when in use due to proximity to other burners or the size of the cookware. Goldline has a unique alternative to the restricted access problem faced by many chefs. They have options available for every cooking style. Using thoughtful burner placement, you are able to use every burner, even with large pans or woks. The 3 burner is one of the most popular options available designed for two large woks and a rice burner.

What type of burners do I need?

Wok burners have an intense rapid flow and are suited for stir-fry cooking and fast boiling as they heat up more quickly than a large burner.

Large burners are suitable for most uses such as frying, boiling pasta and potatoes. Best for larger non-stick frypans or saucepans.

Medium burners are suitable for foods that require a quick response to temperature change such as cooking rice or simmering casseroles and soups as the ingredients need to be brought to a high temperature initially and then reduced to a very low simmer.

What other features should I look for?

Precision Results:

The gas on glass cooktop provides a holistic cooking experience with a dual control wok burner, 2 simmer burners, and 2 boiler burners. The inner and outer rings of the dual control wok burner are independent, and you can adjust heating precisely based on your cooking needs

Australian made Quality:

All our four-burner gas stoves are made from the finest quality glass and stainless steel. With rigorous quality standards, our products are accredited to ISO 9001:2015. Note that our cooktops are Australian-made products proudly using locally-sourced materials. The cooktop is manufactured using excellent quality black reflective glass that can match your kitchen and add value to the interior.

Easy Cleaning:

The first rule to cleaning a gas cooktop is to clean up any spills as soon as possible as clogged burners can cause poor gas flow and uneven heating. Baked on residue is difficult to clean. The glass construction, detachable wok stand, and detachable spillage bowl make the cleaning and maintenance of the gas on glass by Goldline hassle-free. These models have been designed to help you with easy cleaning. The detachable trivets and spillage bowls make the cleaning and maintenance of the gas on glass hassle-free.

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