4 Burner Gas Cooktops

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4 Burner Gas Cooktops

If you’re renovating your kitchen or looking for some improved hardware then the first thing you should choose is a brand new cooktop. Our black and chic four-burner model is easier to clean than a white gas cooktop that would get stained with marinades on a regular basis.

There are quite a few unique benefits that our cooktops boast. If you’re looking for something that offers better performance than other competitors currently on the market then look no further.


One of the best things about this model is the fact that it has a very compact design. This makes it the ideal choice for those who love to cook but don’t have a giant kitchen that can house larger appliances.

Despite containing four top-notch burners, this cooktop will fit in most medium-sized kitchens. Our designers were sure to assort the burners in such a way that it will minimize the amount of space used by the unit.

Narrow benchtops will no longer limit the hardware options for chefs thanks to this uniquely lean model. If you’re trying to get a cooktop that brings bang-for-buck without taking up your entire benchtop then this is certainly the model for you.

Multi-Flame Control

The multi-frame control on this unit is a key element of its uniqueness. It’s also crucial for chefs who want to cook different types of dishes all at once. If you’re roasting salmon on one burner and slow-cooking a choice cut steak on the other then you can’t have the same temperature.

Our gas cooktop lets you adjust each burner independently of one another ao that you can control each flame as if it was powered by its own stove. The burner can also be powered by natural gas if you’re not a fan of LPG — providing true versatility and customizability.

Size Options

This particular model has two variants that consumers can choose from. The first is a 90cm variant that chefs with a larger kitchen can go for. Those who are trying to fit a cooktop onto truly narrow benchtops will prefer the 60cm variant that brings a lot of power despite its tiny size.

Regardless of which size you end up choosing, the high-end bras burners will provide more than enough heat to cook any dish that you’re preparing. Compact performance without sacrificing heat capacity — that’s the soul of this cooktop.

Stylish and Safe

This model features electric ignition so you won’t have to worry about finding that matchbox that you misplaced weeks ago. Electric ignition systems also tend to be far safer than live-flame variants, which is why the designers were intent on including it in this model.

In addition to being safe and convenient due to the electric ignition system, this cooktop can also adapt based on the look of your kitchen. Choose between cast iron and enamel trivets depending on the theme you’re going for.

4 Burner Gas Cooktops

As you can see, our four-burner cooktop has been specially designed to help you cook the best meals in style. Don’t wait, pick yours up today.


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