5 Burner Gas Stove Dimensions Everything You Need to Know

76 750x600

The 5 burner gas stove in the narrow range cut out is 885mm x 405mm in our lifestyle cut out is 840mm x 480mm.

A 5 burner gas stovetop is one of the best ways to expand the functionality of your kitchen and transform your cooking experience. With five burners, you have more freedom to cook, sauté, boil, and sear at the same time. That means fewer components going cold when you’re whipping up an incredible meal for the family. 

The only problem is, while 5 burner stoves are excellent for passionate chefs and those with bigger families, they can be problematic when space is at a premium. Fitting five different burners onto your worktop often means compromising on the critical floor or bench space. 

Here at Goldline, we think that families should still have access to all the luxury and potential of a 5 Burner gas stove, even in smaller kitchens. That’s why we created the ultimate narrow gas cooktop solution, ideal for those who dream of the perfect dinner party. 

The Ultimate Partner for Incredible Cooking

Most of the time, 5 burner gas stove dimensions ensure that only the families with the biggest kitchens can experiment with multiple burners at once. However, when you buy a narrow cooktop from Goldline, you can skip that problem entirely. 

Our narrow cooktop comes with everything you need to cook up a storm, with support for up to 5 burners at the same time. Not only do you get the incredible power of a stove with 14.6 Mj/kj heat, but you’ll also have access to all of the best features that Goldline has to offer, including:

  • X2 simmer and boiler burners
  • Precision outer and inner ring flame control
  • Electronic ignition 
  • LPG or natural gas options
  • Movable wok ring
  • Flame failure device for safety
  • Dual-control wok burner
  • Narrow design for smaller kitchen spaces

Just because we’ve cut down on the typical 5 burner gas stove dimensions, doesn’t mean that we’ve compromised on functionality. These sensational gas cooktops are built to match the unique style of your kitchen, with easy cleaning supported by a sleek glass surface. What’s more, you can access a range of advanced features, for a price you just wouldn’t get anywhere else. 

No other narrow stovetop solution comes with the same functionality. We’ve even implemented state-of-the-art safety measures to ensure that you can cook with peace of mind. 

Discover Your New 5 Burner Stove Top

Here at Goldline, we know how important a stove can be to create the ultimate kitchen experience. That’s why we’ve built our cooktops with customers in mind. Our commitment to manufacturing and supplying only the best in high-power stove solutions means that you can rest assured that you’ll get great results with every meal. We’ve even placed each burner with cooks and precision control in mind, so you never have to worry about juggling pots again. 

Explore the holistic cooking experience that comes with our sensational easy-clean glass design. Discover the benefits of switching between the boiler and simmer burners to bring different meals to life. You’ve never known cooking quite like this before. 

What’s more, with dimensions of around 930mm x 500mm, you can finally have the 5 burner device that you’ve been looking for, without replacing your entire workbench. It’s a dream come true for narrow kitchen owners. 

Ready to get to know your own gas stove stop? Reach out to Goldline today! 


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