5 Harvey Norman Cooktop Solutions to Common House Hold Cooktop Problems

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Harvey Norman Cooktop

A properly functioning cooktop is one of the essential elements in anyone’s kitchen. It’s hard not to panic when you encounter the following problems with your cooktop. 

Luckily, you can call a maintenance specialist to fix the most common issues. However, if they find that your cooktop needs an upgrade, discover Goldline’s cooktops in your local Harvey Norman store. 

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5 Harvey Norman Cooktop Solutions to Common House Hold Problems

1. No flame from a gas burner.

If your gas burner doesn’t light, there could be a few things going wrong. First, note what happens when you try to light the stovetop. Typically, you should hear a few clicks and smell gas from the valve. 

If you hear the clicking sound but don’t smell gas, there could be an issue with the gas flow. On the other hand, if you smell gas but don’t hear a click, there could be a problem with the ignition switch. 

Whatever the issue, you should call your local repair company to fix the problem. 

2. Low heat from the gas burner. 

A slow heating burner can be a problem when cooking any type of dish. If your burners are clogged with debris like dirt or food particles, the flame could be blocked. One easy fix could be giving your stove a deep clean. 

Remove the grates and soak them in dish soap for at least 20 minutes. Next, thoroughly scrub the surfaces with a hard bristle brush. Finally, wipe down the surfaces of the cooktop. 

If a deep clean doesn’t get the heat back to the full flame setting, you should call a professional to investigate further. 

3. No heat from the electric burner. 

If one of your electric burners won’t work, start by testing all the others. If they’re all having trouble turning on, there could be an electrical problem. In this case, it’s best to call an electrician before doing more damage. 

4. Induction cooktop not heating correctly. 

If an induction element on your cooktop isn’t functioning correctly, make sure the pan is induction compatible. Induction stovetops heat the pan instead of the burner, so you need to use special ferromagnetic pans. 

Cast iron, enamelled cast iron, and many other types of stainless steel cookware are also induction cooktop compatible. However, cookware made with aluminium, glass, or all-copper won’t heat. 

5. Clicking from the gas cooktop. 

While some clicking is normal, clicking that continues after the burner is lit can prevent the stove from lighting. In this case, something is probably blocking the burner. Call a maintenance specialist so that they can easily find the blockage and remove it. 

The clicking could also be excess moisture. So, try towelling off the stovetop or pointing a fan towards it. If your gas stovetop continues clicking, call your local handyman. 

If a professional finds that your appliance is beyond repair, consider replacing it with Goldine’s stunning gas cooktops.Find a cooktop you like online, and order it from your local Harvey Norman store today!

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