5 Reasons Why Your Stove is Not Working and How to Fix Them

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Is your stove not working? The stove is one of the essential kitchen appliances, and there’s every reason to panic when it stops working.

The idea of a broken stove can be anxiety-inducing, especially for those who spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen. But what could cause your stove to stop working? Below are five reasons why your stove has stopped working and their possible solutions.

5 Reasons Why Your Stove Not Working and How to Fix Them

1. Gas Burner Isn’t Lighting

If the flame doesn’t flick on your gas stovetop, few things could have gone amiss. So, the first step is to observe what happens when you try to switch on the burner. More often, you’ll hear a clicking sound and smell the gas leaking out of the valves.

If you hear the click but don’t smell the gas, the problem could lie with the gas flow. However, if you smell the gas but don’t hear anything, the issue is likely to be with the ignition switch. This is a simple problem and can be quickly fixed with a little TLC.

2. Your Gas Burner Heats Slowly

Let’s face it—a slow-heating burner can be a serious problem, regardless of the type of stovetop you’re using. However, this often results from clogged burner openings that leave the flames small and weak. Again, You can quickly fix this issue by cleaning your stove thoroughly.

Simply turn it off and unplug the stove from the main switch. Then, remove the grates, burner caps, and soak them in hot soapy water for a few minutes. As for the surfaces, you can use a brush to scrub them clean.

3. Range Burner Doesn’t Heat

This problem is common in electric stoves and will present itself occasionally. So, if your electric range burners won’t heat up, it might be time for a replacement. However, there are simple steps to fix this issue.

Simply remove the faulty burner and replace it with another one. If the non-faulty burner starts working in the new slot, then you need to replace the burner.

If the burner doesn’t heat up in the new spot, the problem could lie with the socket or switch. And if that’s the case, a replacement for the damaged socket is necessary.

4. Oven Won’t Heat

If your oven doesn’t heat up or even bake, the issue might be the igniter. However, you may need a professional to examine the gas line if both the burners and the oven won’t switch on. As for the igniter, you can fix it yourself.

Check for the igniter beneath the broiler of the storage drawer. If you can’t find it, please contact an expert to have your stove repaired. Not only will this prevent accidents but also further damages.

5. Gas Stove Clicks Consistently

Gas stove clicks are normal when you turn on your cooktop, but it becomes a real problem if they continue even after lighting up the burner. This often happens when the burner is clogged, preventing it from lighting.

Knocked burner caps could also be the reason why your gas stove is constantly clicking. Check to ensure that they are in place and that there’s no debris blocking the holes.

You’ll also want to clean the gas grates to remove food build-ups. Do this using a paperclip or a metal object and refrain from using anything easily flammable like plastic forks.

If the clicking persists, try pointing a fan at the cooktop to remove excess moisture. Alternatively, you can towel off the stovetop to soak up any grease that may have spilled on the cooking surface.

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