Elevate your cooking style with Goldline’s premium pyrolytic oven range. With the new 15-function electric oven, entertaining has never been easier! Our full-featured pyrolytic oven boasts eco-mode, pizza function, defrosting setting and more, making it every home chef’s dream. As well as having all the features that the 5-function ovens offer, the 15-function includes the following:

 Self-Cleaning Mode

An oven that cleans itself – seriously, what can be better than that? And the great news is it’s a quick and easy process.

So how exactly does it work? Pyrolytic ovens have a self-cleaning mode that heats the oven to an extremely high temperature of up to 400 degrees. This intense temperature effectively turns the grease and food residue into ash. Then, once the cycle is complete, you sweep the ash from the bottom of your oven. It couldn’t be easier!



Key features of the GL6015FBO:
Net Capacity (L) 75
Number of functions 15
ECO mode              
Traditional baking        
Convectional baking  
Top heating        
Pizza function              
Pure convectional baking        
Half grill              
Half grill+Fan        
Full grill              
Fan assisted grill      
Fast heat              
Pyrolytic cleaning      
Base heat              
Type Electric Voltage & Frequency 220-240V/50Hz
Width (mm) 595 Max.rating power (W) 3200
Top (outer) heater (W) 1200 Top (inner) heater (W) 1600
Bottom heater (W) 800 Rear heater (W) 2000
Convection fan (W) 36 Inner light (W) 25
Material / Finish / Color (Control panel) Black glass Material / Finish / Color (Door) Black glass
Control type Full Touch Knob n/a
Handle Black Aluminium Timer 24 – hr. digital
Inidicator Door opening style Pull down.
Layers of door glass 4 quadruple glazed glass Removal Door
Easy Door glass removal cleaning Enameling Color/Finish Black
Number of shelf levels 5 Type of shelf support Moulded
Pyrolytic cleaning Child lock
Steam Clean WIFI Connection
Cooling Fan
1x sliding ware 1x Drip Tray
Tray grill ware
Product Dimension (mm) 595x575x595 Carton size (W*D*H)(mm) 685×650×663
Pure black glass Chromed ladder frame(side rack)
Semi-Telescopic Runne (Per set;runner must be used with side rack) 2x Soft close hinge


  • What is a pyrolytic oven?

    A pyrolytic oven is a type of self-cleaning oven. Its cleaning cycle uses extremely high temperatures up to 500o C, which help break down the food residue and grease into ash, which can be easily wiped away once the oven cools down. You can thus save on time and effort, as well as the need to buy expensive or harsh cleaning chemicals to keep your oven clean.

  • Is pyrolytic cleaning oven worth it?

    A pyrolytic cleaning cycle is a thorough cycle, that covers even the hard-to-clean places as part of the cycle. This will make it a breeze to clean up, and can help you save on the time, effort and money that you would otherwise invest in the process.

  • Do pyrolytic ovens use a lot of electricity?

    While there is a general perception that pyrolytic ovens consume more energy, the fact is that they are really well insulated. This allows them to use heat more efficiently, and as a result, use much less energy as compared to conventional ovens.

  • Are pyrolytic ovens safe?

    Modern pyrolytic ovens are designed with extra insulation for safety, given that they can heat up to temperatures as high as 500o C during their cleaning cycle. Irrespective of this additional insulation, it would be good to avoid having towels around, and keep away from the oven exteriors, especially when you have kids or pets.

  • What is the advantage of a pyrolytic oven?

    The key advantage of a pyrolytic oven is the fact that it can clean itself, and save you the sheer effort of scrubbing away stubborn grime. The cleaning cycle heats up the oven to high temperatures, which incinerate the grease and other food residue into ash, that can be wiped off in a jiffy.

  • Are pyrolytic ovens more expensive? How much extra do they cost?

    On an average, pyrolytic ovens can cost 30% – 60% higher than standard ovens.

  • Does it really take 4 hours to self-clean an oven?

    The actual cleaning time required depends upon the model in use. Most self-cleaning ovens can take anywhere between 1.5 – 3 hours for one cleaning cycle. Certain models can even take more time. Ovens with a steam-cleaning feature generally have cycle times under an hour, for both cleaning and cooldown.

    The average cycle of Goldline’s 15 function Pyrolytic Oven is 60 minutes.

  • Does a self-cleaning oven shut off automatically?

    Yes. Pyrolytic ovens are designed for convenience, and will turn off automatically once the cleaning cycle is complete. You will need to wait until the oven cools down, to be able to open it and use it again. This is an additional safety feature, to keep you and your family safe.


75L , Extra large Oven (with 85L gross capacity). Gives you plenty of extra space for cooking larger meals all at once. Best suitable for cooking huge family meals.

Triple layer Glazing door which is heat proof and is easily removable for cleaning.

The oven entails a large black Glass door that provides a huge viewing window.

The shiny black finish provides an aesthetic look to your kitchen with a black aluminium handle and a black glass with full touch control.

Easy to place your dishes with the help of side rack panels.


Take your baking and grilling to the next level with our 75L capacity 15-Function Pyrolytic Electric Oven. Enhanced with eco mode, defrosting, pizza function, pyrolytic cleaning and more, our full-featured oven is every home baker’s dream.

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