Discover the new standard of cooking with Goldline’s latest 5-function Goldline Electric Oven. This premium oven features precise temperature control, extra large oven capacity and sleek elements, all designed to create a more effortless, enjoyable cooking experience.

New Improved Features Include:

Easy-To-Use Telescopic Oven Runners

Designed for effortless cooking and a safer kitchen, our telescopic runners allow you to slide trays in and out of the oven and safely lift and remove hot trays and heavy dishes with minimal effort.

In-Built Safety Timer

The addition of the built-in timer ensures safety at all times. Your oven will automatically turn off when the timer turns off, so no more questioning and worrying whether you’ve turned the oven off.Easy to Install & Operate




Key features of the GL6015FBO:
Net Capacity (L) 75
Number of functions 5
Pure Convectional Baking    
Half grill+Fan        
Type Electric Voltage & Frequency 220-240V/50Hz
Width (mm) 595 Max.rating power (W) 2000

Top (outer) heater (W)

n/a Top (inner) heater (W) 1600
Bottom heater (W n/a Rear heater (W) 2000
Convection fan (W) 36 Inner light (W) 25
Material / Finish / Color (Control panel) Black glass+Dark stainless steel trim Material / Finish / Color (Door) Material / Finish / Color (Door)
Control type Rotary+Electronic Knob Rotary knob
Handle h5
Timer 120 min minder
Inidicator Door opening style Pull down.
Layers of door glass 3 Removal Door
Easy Door glass removal cleaning Black Enameling Color/Finish
Number of shelf levels 5 Type of shelf support Moulded
Pyrolytic cleaning Child lock
Steam Clean WIFI Connection
Cooling Fan
1x sliding ware 1x Drip Tray
Tray grill ware
Product Dimension (mm) 595x575x595 Carton size (W*D*H)(mm) 685×650×663
Pure black glass Chromed ladder frame(side rack)
Semi-Telescopic Runne (Per set;runner must be used with side rack) 2x Soft close hinge


  • Are electric ovens better than gas?

    Gas ovens certainly have an edge over electric ovens in terms of quicker heating. However, electric ovens offer an overall better cooking experience. The fan-assisted ovens are able to distribute heat more evenly, ensuring better circulation of the hot air around the oven, and uniform cooking of the food from all possible angles.

  • Is an electric oven better than a microwave?

    Microwaves and electric ovens both cook food differently. While the former uses microwaves to cook food from the inside out, an electric oven cooks food from the outside in. Microwaves are generally faster and consume lesser energy. However, they aren’t the best option for crisping or browning your food.

    Electric ovens, on the other hand, can help you bake, toast, grill and cook, and are ideal for crisping foods. They are also a lot more affordable and easier to repair as compared to microwave ovens.

  • What is an electric oven used for?

    Electric ovens are great for baking and broiling. They are preferred over gas ovens as despite its coils heating up slowly, they are better able to maintain uniform heat throughout the cooking process.

  • Why do chefs prefer electric ovens?

    Most chefs prefer an electric oven for more uniform cooking, and for crispier, visually pleasing results.

  • What are the advantages of electric ovens over gas ovens?

    Apart from uniform heating and faster cooking, electric ovens have a quicker response to temperature setting changes. Their dry heat also helps to make your food crisper and achieve a lovely golden-brown aesthetic.

  • What is the life of an electric oven?

    Electric ovens usually have a lifespan of around 13 years. To ensure that you are able to get the most out of your oven, ensure that you maintain it well and clean it regularly.

  • Are electric ovens healthy?

    Electric ovens in general, generate a much lower degree of airborne contaminants. This brings down the associated health risks due to exposure. Electric ovens are overall a healthier alternative for both your home, and the planet.

75L , Extra large Oven (with 85L gross capacity). Gives you plenty of extra space for cooking larger meals all at once. Best suitable for cooking huge family meals.

Triple layer Glazing door which is heat proof and is easily removable for cleaning.

The oven entails a large black Glass door that provides a huge viewing window.

The shiny black finish provides an aesthetic look to your kitchen – with black aluminum handle, black aluminum alloy knob, and black stainless steel body with anti-fingerprints.

Easy to place your dishes with the help of side rack panels.

Easy to install the oven. You just have to Plug and turn the switch On. Easy to control with only 3 mechanical knobs :cooking function, timer, temperature. Once set, you are all free handed whilst the food gets cooked.


With a 75L capacity and all the essentials you need for perfect baking and grilling, our 5-Function Electric Oven is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

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