7 Healthy Meals To Make In One Skillet

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Everyone tells us to eat healthier, but people rarely tell us how. Many of us have our go-to recipes, but we’re often not sure how healthy they are. 

Whether you have a vast arsenal of regular recipes or are starting from ground zero, here are seven healthy one-pan recipes for you to make. Cooking in one pan saves time and energy, and who wouldn’t want that? 

1. Huevos Rancheros 

For breakfast with a twist, try scrambling eggs and adding black beans. Huevos rancheros are usually eaten on a soft tortilla or crunchy taco. You can experiment a lot with this dish, adding salsa, avocado, cilantro, and your other favourite toppings. 

For a gluten-free option, you can use corn tortillas instead of flour ones. Try the recipe here

2. Honey Mustard & Rosemary Chicken

For a sweet and tangy combination, try this easy skillet chicken recipe. For a heartier meal, you can add potatoes to the pan, or you can keep it simple with chicken à la carte. 

The honey mustard sauce is easy to make with just a few ingredients. Don’t forget to add fresh rosemary—the star of this single pan dish. Overall, this is an excellent dish for when you want comfort food without spending hours in the kitchen. 

3. Stuffed Bell Peppers 

Though you’re probably familiar with stuffed bell peppers made in the oven, did you know you can make them on the stovetop too? This recipe tastes just like traditional oven-baked peppers—cheesy, beefy, and sweet—but is made in half the time. 

It’s a stir-fry with ground beef, onions, bell peppers, and spices. It tastes just like those delicious stuffed peppers but can be made in only 40 minutes. 

4. Mac N’ Cheese with Sausage & Zucchini

Mac n’ cheese is not only an excellent dinner for kids but also adults when you spice it up with sausage and vegetables! 

Try this quick, yummy dish from this dinner recipe. 

5. Pork Chops & Flavorful Rice 

Who said you need to cook your meat separately from your rice? This convenient recipe tells you how to make your rice, meat, and vegetables all in one skillet. It’s a great source of proteins for the whole family.

6. Mexican Quinoa 

Quinoa is a complete protein, great for gluten-free individuals or those looking for an extra dose of amino acids. This recipe with black beans, corn, tomatoes, and quinoa is perfect for a healthy Mexican-themed dinner. 

7. Loaded Mashed Potatoes 

Remember when mom used to make potato skins in the oven? You can recreate this timeless classic in your skillet, on the cooktop! Follow this simple recipe for healthy, delicious loaded potatoes. 

Wrapping It Up 

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