A Practical Guide to Choosing a Stainless Steel Cooktop

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Finding the best stainless steel cooktop can be challenging as they come in varieties. But with proper guidance, you can survey the market and get a budget-friendly cooktop that fits your kitchen space and style. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how you can choose a perfect stainless steel cooktop that’ll match your kitchen space and style.

1. The Size of the Stainless Steel Cooktop

To determine the right size of a gas stove you need, consider your kitchen space. Similarly, if you don’t have a large family (over four people), going for a 2-burner stove isn’t a bad idea, as it’s a cheaper option, especially when you’re trying to be budget-conscious.

Additionally, if your main aim is to improve or optimise your home scullery space, then go for stoves that come with in-built cooktops. As much as they free up and save you kitchen space, they change your kitchen outlook from a traditional set-up to a modernised one.

2. Space Considerations

Since cooktops come in different sizes—from standard ones (12” and 24”) to larger ones (36” and 40”), considering the space you have will help prevent you from buying cooktops that don’t fit your kitchen space.

However, the cooktop size isn’t the only factor affecting your kitchen space; the type of cooktop also plays a critical role, therefore:

Consider a narrow electric cooktop if you cook a lot but want a smaller cooktop with few burners. Ideally, go for installations with a smooth flat surface that can also be used as a counter when you’re not cooking.

3. Material And Heat Controls

Many gas stoves come in stainless steel, which prevents rusting, especially in many kitchen steamy environments. Although the stove body gets heated quickly, its metals ensure durability and minor damage.

However, you can get yourself a glass or fibre gas stove that not only gives your kitchen an exciting twist but also is high maintenance and fragile. Equally, it’s possible to go with a material that moderates cooktop heats to prevent burning.

4. The Brand You’re Buying From

Most people focus on the cost when out to buy cooktops rather than the brand. Cooktops are long-term investments like other electronics that people rarely dispose of. Therefore, conclusive research on the durable cooktop selling brands will save you the money you would have used for constant maintenance or replacement.

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5. Maintenance And Cleaning

Smooth surface cooktops are generally easy to clean and maintain compared to traditional cooktops with grates. Enameled and stainless steel surfaces are low maintenance, which is why they remain popular.

Additionally, ceramic glass cooktops are scratch proof, thermal shock resistant, heat resistant and corrosives. However, glass cooktop surfaces need more excellent care. Desist from using abrasive products and similarly, ensure plastics, aluminium sheets, and food rich in sugar are far from this cooktop.

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