Affordable Cooktops: 5 Safety Tips to Minimize Injuries in the Kitchen

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More people opt for affordable cooktops because they come with many benefits such as good heating speed, visual supervision of flames, reasonable temperature control, compatibility with many cookware, etc.

However, some cooktops have serious safety concerns—exposure to toxic fumes and carbon monoxide, among other concerns.

To enjoy the benefits that come with affordable cooktops, you must observe a few necessary procedures that would guarantee you and your family safety in the kitchen.

That said, this article will walk you through the five safety tips to minimize injuries in the kitchen. So let’s jump right in.

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1. Manage the Flame

You can manage gas stove flames by simply turning the knob and setting them between the low, medium, and high levels.

Additionally, you need to ensure that your burner is off at all times, except when you’re cooking. Leaving your burner on could result in fire accidents, which is the last thing you want.

If you turn on the burner, but it doesn’t light, turn it off and wait for some moments before turning it on again. This is because trying to turn it on several times could lead to gas accumulation in your kitchen, leading to fires.

If still the burner doesn’t light up, you might want to check If burner to see if it could’ve been blocked.

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2. Maintain the Stove

One of the reasons why gas stoves are popular is because they’re durable. However, it’s not a guarantee that your gas stove will serve you efficiently unless you maintain it correctly.

That said, carelessness and negligence are the leading causes of safety concerns with gas stoves. Therefore, wash your stove every day—start by removing the burners and grates, then wash them with soapy water.

If your burner is blocked, use a toothpick or any other sharp and narrow object to clear it up. You may also want to blow through the tiny holes to see if they’ll unblock.

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3. Use the Right Utensils

Using the right utensils is a crucial precaution to observe while cooking. Purchase the appropriate cookware size to cover the flame once you turn on your burner. You need the right size cookware because you want to prevent fire from escaping from the sides.

Also, use cookware made of non-flammable materials and are anti-corrosive. Avoid placing any melamine, glass or plastic utensils next to your gas stove because they are flammable. Furthermore, ensure that you’re using correctly cleaned and dry cookware on the gas stove.

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4. Monitor Carbon Monoxide

Gas stoves emit carbon monoxide gases, which is harmful to health and one of the main safety concerns with the gas stoves. Carbon monoxide is odourless and colourless, making it impossible to detect.

Exposure to carbon monoxide can result in headaches, dizziness, vomiting or even nausea. If you experience any of these symptoms when cooking, the chances are that you inhaled carbon monoxide that might have been leaking from your gas stove.

To avoid this, purchase and install a carbon monoxide detector in your kitchen to help you detect the presence of carbon monoxide early—so that you can take the necessary precautions.

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5. Keep Inflammable Objects Away

Because of your safety in the kitchen, put away any plastic utensil, foil paper wrappers and air-tight glass containers from the stove, especially when it is on.

One of the common mistakes that people often make is placing inflammable items, not in use on adjacent burners—please don’t.

That said, only place utensils and cookware you’ll need when cooking near the gas stove to avoid fire incidences.

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