All About An Electric Cooktop: Pros and Cons


Electric cooktops are made up of coiled metal elements that heat up and create heat on the cooking surface. This heat is then transferred to the pot or pan on the cooktop. 

Electric cooktops are different from gas cooktops because they use electricity to generate heat rather than gas. 

They usually have a smooth ceramic surface that makes them easy to clean. 

One downside of electric cooktops is that they can be heated up slowly, so you may need to wait a bit longer for your food to cook.

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Pros of Electric Cooktops

Safer than Gas Cooktops

There are many pros to using electric appliances in the kitchen. The first is that electric stoves are much safer than gas stoves. 

Gas leaks can be hazardous and even deadly, while electric ovens are never at risk of this happening. 

Electric cooktops also risk flammable items, such as cooking oils, catching fire.

Reduce Indoor Pollution

Indoor air pollution is a serious issue, especially in densely populated areas. One of the primary sources of indoor air pollution is gas stoves. 

They release harmful chemical compounds into the air, which can cause all sorts of health problems. 

Electric ovens don’t have to worry about these same standards, so they are a better option for people who want to reduce their indoor pollution levels.

Electric Cooktops Are Elegant

The Electric Cooktop style has a slimmer appearance and contemporary shape that can be a great addition to any kitchen. 

One of the benefits of an electric cooktop is that it takes up less space than a gas stove. 

It also has a slick and sleek design that makes it easy to clean.

Safer for Confined or Small Kitchens

Gas stove tops have several risks that can lead to fires and explosions, whereas electric cooktops use much safer electricity. Additionally, electric stoves often feel less hot on the hand than gas stoves, making them a good choice for people who have small kitchens or are worried about safety.

Comes with Modern Features

Electric cooktops are becoming more and more popular in homes for various reasons. They come with modern features that make them more effective and efficient in the kitchen. Electric cooktops come with multiple features and components, including safety shut-offs, timers, and automatic pan size detection.

Easy to Clean

Electric cooktops are popular for many home cooks because they are easy to use and clean. Almost all brands of electric stoves use glass material with a flat surface. This makes it easy to wipe the surface until it is spotless. You don’t have to worry about food or grease sticking to crevices or cracks.

Heat Spread More Evenly

Electric cooktops are a newer addition to the kitchen and have been growing in popularity. They have many benefits over traditional gas stoves, including heat distribution and shorter cooking times. However, they also come with some drawbacks, such as higher upfront costs and potential safety hazards.

Cons of An Electric Cooktops

Electric Cooktops Are Costly

Electric Cooktops have various features, including timers, temperature probes, and pre-programmed settings. However, they can be quite expensive. The number of stoves available often influences the price of electric stoves. 

Consumes a Lot of Electrical Energy

Electric cooktops are popular for many homeowners because they are cheaper than gas stoves. However, there are some drawbacks to using electric cooktops. They consume a lot of electrical energy and could cause your monthly bill to be significantly higher.

No Power, No Cooking

If there is no electricity, you will not be able to run the electric cooktop. Thus you can not cook for your family. For this reason, many homeowners opt for a gas cooktop as well. With two different cooktops, you can make sure that you can always cook tasty food for your family.

Electric Cooktops Are Slow to Respond

Unlike gas, electric cooktops are very slow to respond to when you want to change the temperature. In gas cooktops, If you want to turn the heat up or down on gas cooktops, it will take some time to adjust on electric cooktops.

How Do Electric Cooktops Work?

Electric cooktops work by passing an electrical current through a coil of metal. This creates heat, which is then transferred to the cooking surface. The heat is spread evenly and can be controlled as well. But it takes some time to set the new temperature on the electric cooktop.

Electric or Gas Cooktop – What to Use?

There are pros and cons to both electric and gas cooktops. Electric cooktops are more energy-efficient, but you can control the gas cooktop better and more efficiently. However, gas stoves can be dangerous if not correctly maintained, whereas electric cooktops are safer.

Also, gas cooktops need a gas line, whereas electric cooktop only depends on electricity. Thus, an electric cooktop does not require applying for a connection. You just install it and start cooking.

Thus, if you have an existing gas line, you can just bring in a gas cooktop. Otherwise, electric cooktops are a good choice.

Induction Cooktop or Electric Cooktop?

An induction cooktop is a type of electric cooktop. It has a smooth glass-ceramic surface with elements below the surface that heat pots and pans directly without heating the cooktop’s surface. 

This results in faster cooking than gas or electric cooktops do. Induction cooktops use less energy than electric cooktops, making them more environmentally friendly. 

However, they are more expensive than other types of electric cooktops.

Do Electric Stoves Use a Lot of Electricity?

Electric stoves are less expensive to operate than gas stoves. They’re also easier to clean because there are few nooks and crannies that accumulate grime and dirt. However, one electric cooktop may consume around 700 to 2300 watts of power per hour.


In conclusion, when it comes to electric cooktops, you can not be wrong about it. They are more efficient than gas cooktops and are more modern looking.

Electric cooktops are generally more expensive, but many argue that they could cost much less over time.

The operating costs of an electric cooktop should be lower than a gas cooktop in the long run.

If you need to replace your current gas cooktop, you might consider an electric cooktop for your kitchen area instead.

You can look into the Goldline Narrow electric cooktop, which has three types of cooktop zones. The design is also very slim and modern looking for a modern Australian home.


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