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The tiniest apartment in the USA is currently found in San Francisco is just 161 square feet and will cost you over $3212.88 AUD a month.

Similar expense to a full Melbourne home in rental costings.

San Francisco is home to the most expensive rental market in the country

San Francisco is one of the few areas with no rent control restrictions allowing landlords to be able to charge what able they see fit.

Living space in the san francisco city is at such a high premium that some people are paying $1,745 AUD per month for bunk beds in co-living buildings.

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The tiniest apartment for rent in San Francisco is a studio located in Lower Nob Hill.

Which is a fairly desirable location despite the less than desirable town name.

The apartment is also within walking distance of the Financial District and North Beach.

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The apartment includes all the living essentials in one small room — sort of.

The studio is, however, missing a bathroom.

The studio did manage to squeeze in some space for a triangular closet, which is also next to the front door.

Beyond that, the studio has one window and a space heater. According to the listing, the unit comes with a dishwasher and in-unit laundry, but we couldn’t find them in the listing photos — or, frankly, imagine where they could possibly fit.

The sink, which can be seen below, is right next to the studio’s front door — and the kitchen seems to consist of that, a mini-fridge, and not much else.

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Apartment living is an increasing reality of 21st-century cosmopolitan living.

And that often means dealing with the necessity of compromise when it comes to your kitchen – economizing on the dimensions of passageways, the size of your appliances, and the amount of bench and storage space. 

Living in an apartment, whether you rent or own, you soon learn that space is a premium commodity. 

Even the largest apartments can quickly become overwhelmed by clutter if not carefully organised.

If you’re a property investor that owns an apartment, it’s in your interest to keep your tenants happy. 

When fitting out an apartment to rent, you’ll want appliances that will not only make living there simple and convenient.

Compact cooktops from Goldline packs a POWERFUL PUNCH.

The burners vary in placement and quantity to accommodate for real cooks in small spaces.

Our 3 burner gas cooktop, for example, is perfect for apartment cooks who frequently use two woks and a pot when cooking.

The burner placement is thoughtful and generous in its layout, providing ample room.

Whilst the Goldline notorious high powered wok burners with an impressive 18 MJ/HR Rating.

18 MJ/hr is a very powerful burner in comparison with the market average on 14 MJ/ hr.

Perfect for stir-fries that require a REAL heat.  



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