Beautiful Celebrity Kitchens – Latest Trends in Gas Cooktops

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Taking Inspiration from Beautiful Celebrity Kitchens 

 We all love getting a sneak peek into the lifestyles of the rich and famous on Instagram and other social media platforms. That’s how many of us gain inspiration for kitchen ideas, watching our celebrities cooking up something yummy on latest trend in gas cooktops, for example.

However, these days, there’s been a massive change in the focus of many influencers’ Insta snapshots. Instead of focusing on uploading images of their living rooms, walk-in wardrobes, or Manolo Blahnik and Berkin collections, many celebs are now sharing insights into the design and function of their kitchens. 

It’s no surprise that the people in the spotlight want to show off what they’re snacking on, with health and fitness being one of the biggest trends today.  

Take the Kardashians, for instance, some of the biggest influencers and celebrities in the world. They were quick to seize on this opportunity to show off their groceries on television. Kylie Jenner even bragged about stocking her fridge almost entirely with the boxed water brand Just Water, a creation of Will and Jaden Smith to the amazement (or chagrin) of many.

Instagram Inspiration for the Modern Kitchen

In this respect, Instagram accounts of people like the Kardashians act as excellent sources of inspiration for people who want to create unique kitchens complete with narrow gas cooktops, bespoke cabinets, and glass jars instead of plastic containers. 

When Kim Kardashian-West caught a lot of heat for stocking vast numbers of plastic bottles in her refrigerator, she immediately took action. She swapped out her entire kitchen style and contents. 

Soon after the backlash, Kardashian-West gave viewers a behind-the-scenes tour of her kitchen, which spreads out across multiple rooms. The pantry includes several refrigerators, each with its purpose. For example, she has a fridge for beverages and also a walk-in cooling room for perishables!

While you might not be able to replicate the exact style of a Kardashian kitchen in your home (without spending a fortune), it’s enough to get your mind whirring at the vast opportunities and design layouts available. 

Kardashian-West’s fridge makeover was due to the help of The Home Edit an interior design consultancy that helps influencers to transform their homes.

Creating Your Celeb-Style Makeover Kitchen

If checking out the incredible changes that celebrities make to their kitchens on television, Instagram, and other media platforms inspire you, then there are plenty of ways that you can make these very changes in your home. 

You don’t necessarily need to have different refrigerators for all of your foods and beverages, like Kardashian-West. Still, something as simple as changing your kitchen cabinets and installing a new gas stove top could completely transform the way that you spend time in your kitchen. 

After all, the most stunning kitchens are usually the ones that are incredibly practical too. Kim’s kitchen isn’t just amazing because of how luxurious it is, but because it inspires us with its practicality. Her kitchen also gives us valuable insights into proper kitchen planning by showing the convenience with which one can find the food and beverages they need instantly – just by opening the right door. 

In the same way, finding inspiration amongst the latest trend in gas cooktops could mean that you can experiment with new recipes and explore a culinary lifestyle that you never before thought possible. 

You don’t have to be a celebrity or break the bank to have the perfect kitchen; you just need to invest in the right appliances. 


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