Benefits of a 90cm Gas Cooktop

Benefits Of A 90cm Gas Cooktop Goldline 01 1

Whether you’re just learning to cook or are an experienced chef, chances are you’ll appreciate cooking with a gas cooktop. The precision that a gas cooktop provides is hard to match with an electric or induction cooktop.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of a 90cm gas cooktop. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to decide if a gas stove is right for you.

Optimal Heating

With a dual control wok burner and multi-flame control, the GLS3 3 Burner Stove from Goldline takes cooking to a new level. Whether you want to whip up a pad-thai with julienned vegetables or sear a perfect steak, this gas cooktop has you covered.

The wok burner allows you to stir-fry, simmer, and roast dishes without using different burners. Since you can control the inner and outer ring flame independently, it will enable you to have complete control over the temperature. Say goodbye to undercooking or burning your food with this gas cooktop!

Advanced Safety Features

Goldline cooktops are made by Australian families, for Australian families. That’s why our engineers have taken special care when it comes to safety features on our cooktops. The GLS3 3-burner stove has a Flame Feature Device (FFD) for your family’s protection.

The FFD cuts off the supply to the natural or LPG gas once the flame extinguishes to avoid dangerous gas leakages. That way, busy parents don’t have to worry about accidental kitchen fires.

Easy Cleaning

Unlike other gas stoves, the 90 cm gas cooktop is a breeze to clean. Thanks to the detachable wok burner, you don’t have to scrub into the cooktop’s cracks and crevices. Just take off the wok stand and wash it with warm soapy water. The sleek glass accents are also easy to wipe down with a damp cloth.

Versatile Gas Cooktop

If you don’t have a connection to a natural gas grid—don’t worry! The GLS3 Gas Cooktop is compatible with liquid petroleum gas (LPG) as well. It comes with an LPG conversion kit so that you can enjoy the benefits of gas no matter where you live.

The wok burners also have easy-to-use control knobs so that cooks can adjust the heat instantly. There’s also an electric ignition option, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of lighting the gas burner.

Long-Lasting Durability

Thanks to the high-quality materials we use such as tempered glass and cast iron trivets, these cooktops can last a long time. They also come with a 2-year warranty to put your mind at ease with the purchase.

The incredible power and durability of a Goldline gas cooktop is sure to elevate your cooking experience. The sleek design accompanied by state of the art features will be a stand-out piece in your kitchen. The black colour is also versatile enough to fit any kitchen layout and design.

Look for a Goldline gas cooktop in your local Harvey Norman or Good Guys store. For more information on the GLS3 3-Burner gas stove, contact us at 03 9799 9660.




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