Best Cooktops: 5 Signs that You Need to Replace Your Cooktop

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Cooktops are essential appliances in the kitchen, and they’re a must-have if you want to have the best cooking experience. That said, the best cooktops come with different features, so it’s essential to draft your list of priorities before purchasing a new one.

Purchasing a new cooktop seems expensive, but repairing it from time to time can empty your pockets fast. So don’t wait until you have to repair your cooktops frequently—know these five signs to help you figure out that you need to replace your cooktop.

1. Burners or Plates Don’t Heat Up Properly

The burner is the most significant element of your cooktop—whether an electric or a gas cooktop. Take note of the flame colour, and if you realise that the flame has changed from blue to yellow, clean the grates and burner caps.

The flame blaze may be a result of particles getting stuck on your burners and grates. If you do all this and the flame colour maintains blue, that’s a sign that you need to replace your cooktop.

Electric cooktops should produce bright red flames when turned on. If your electric cooktop doesn’t burn in a bright red flame, you need to check and see if there are parts that have rust. For gas cooktops, check to see if the burner produces a blue flame.

2. Control Panel Isn’t Working

Your cooktop’s control panel is the most critical area, making it one of the most expensive sections to replace or even repair. If your control panel buttons no longer work, then it’s time you started considering a replacement of your cooktop. Alternatively, if there are chances to be repaired to save you a few coins, go the repair route.

3. The Cooktop Won’t Turn On

When the gas stove cannot turn on, the chances are that its spark igniters may be faulty, and you can quickly solve this problem using a gaslighter. If you have an electric stove, fix any loose wire immediately you notice it to minimize the chances of a fire breakout.

It’s vital to replace broken wires or purchase a new unit. First, find out the ideal unit by consulting the manufacturer. Alternatively, you could ask friends and relatives for referrals, but make sure to do your due diligence before rushing into purchasing a new unit.

4. Rusted Burners

It’s easy to notice rust on your stove burners. Regularly check your burners to see if any rusts are forming. If you notice any rusts on your burners, replace them immediately. However, you may not need to replace it if you can scrape off the rust quickly.

To remove the rust from your burner, use a scraper. This will require patience as the rusts may have formed long enough without noticing. However, if there are no changes, you should opt for a replacement from the original manufacturer or at your local store.

5. You Smell Gas

If you get the smell from your gas in your kitchen, check to see if your gas is turned on. If yes, quickly turn it off and open the windows for air circulation. During this time, don’t start any fire as this could be dangerous.

Additionally, examine the tube connecting the stove and gas tank and fasten the tubes and regulators if loose. If you still get the smell of the gas when the tank is turned off, you’ll now need to have the tubes, and all the attachments replaced or even the stove if it’s leaking.

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