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If you’re looking to upgrade or install a new cooktop, there are many things to consider before making your final choice including which cooktop function is right for you; electric, gas or induction.

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A cooktop should complement your kitchen and make cooking more enjoyable. Trying to fit multiple pans on a cooktop that isn’t engineered to standard is impractical and makes cooking more time consuming; it also leads to uneven heat distribution. 

Purchasing a new cooktop is an investment of time and money; you want to ensure the cooktop you select will serve you now and into the future. When it comes time to shop for a new cooktop, a few key things you should consider include design, colour, longevity, dimensions and price. 

When choosing the best cooktop, it’s also good to consider whether this cooktop will be for personal use or an investment property. If it’s for an investment property, you may choose to opt for an affordable cooktop, yet practical. However, if the cooktop is for your personal use, you may go for something higher-end that compliments your kitchen style.


When it comes to buying a cooktop, one of your first considerations should be your space’s size; this will help refine your choice as you will need a cooktop that compliments the area you have to work with. At Goldline, we understand the importance of optimising the cooktop’s size to suit various spaces and applications without compromising power, quality and safety. We have engineered a range of premium cooktops specially designed for small spaces. 

Narrow cooktops for small spaces

Having a small space doesn’t mean you need to settle for less; after all, having to use a cooktop that lacks power and is poorly designed is frustrating. Whether you enjoy entertaining or cook fewer meals, having a cooktop that can accommodate multiple pans easily and is engineered to provide lasting power and durability will ensure you enjoy cooking now and well into the future. 

Large cooktops 

If you have more width to work with, you might opt for a 90cm cooktop with either three or five burners, depending on your current and future needs. Our cooktops are expertly designed with functionality in mind meaning you can use all burners simultaneously. If you cater to a larger family or love entertaining, a five-burner cooktop that includes a dual wok burner allows you to cook larger meals conveniently. 

Electric Cooktops

‘What is better Gas or Electric Cooktops’ is a question we get asked often, and there are benefits to both depending on your needs and preferences. Electric cooktops provide many benefits, including easier installation, simple to clean, and keeping the kitchen cooler when cooking as the electricity is distributed and released differently from Gas. 

Gas Cooktops

Gas provides excellent cooking control and high heat output; gas cooktops are also highly durable. Many people select Gas cooktops as they believe the visual flame is an easy guide when adjusting the heat required. Also, if your area is prone to frequent power outages, you will still be able to cook on your gas cooktop even in a blackout. 

Induction Cooktops 

An induction cooktop is designed so that no residual heat exudes on the surface, meaning minimal electricity is wasted. However, induction cooktops also require induction suitable cookware, which can be a pricey investment. An induction cooktop generally isn’t advised for a rental property, as it means renters will need to invest in new cookware to utilise the cooktop. 


In general, you get what you pay for. A poor quality cooktop means you may need to invest more money in maintenance and possible reinstallation down the track. Not only could a poor quality cooktop cost you more financially in the long-run, they generally lack quality engineering, meaning they are frustrating to use, output lower power, and can be a safety hazard. 

At Goldline, our Cooktops are engineered to last and include a range of innovative features, including a built-in Flame Failure Device. Our range of affordable Cooktops is designed with practicality in mind, meaning you can utilise all burners in unison when cooking with large woks or pots. We also cater for a range of styles and spaces, from narrow cooktops to large five burners in both gas and electric options. 


Most older cooktops lack essential safety features, including child safety locks. At Goldline, we prioritise safety and ensure all of our Cooktops are engineered with safety features. Our Electric Cooktops include child safety switches that automatically engage after cooking, and our Gas Cooktops include a Flame Failure Device. 

Whether the Cooktop is for your property or an investment property, installing a Cooktop engineered with safety in mind can help minimise the risk of an injury or house fire. 


Cooktops come in a range of styles and colours to complement your space. At Goldline, our range of Cooktops is designed to impress quality engineering combined with frameless glass exteriors and smart touch controls. Modern styling to suit any space.


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