Best Gas Cooktop Australia 2020

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Best Gas Cooktop Australia 2020

Since cooking is such an integral part of our daily lives, you want a cooktop that will perform. Ideally, you want to be able to switch on the gas, cook your food, and enjoy a delicious meal. That’s why it’s essential to find the best gas cooktop for your kitchen. 

After reviewing many cooktops on the market, we’ve found Goldline’s cooktops to be the best gas cooktops in Australia in 2020. This article will explain why Goldline’s gas cooktops are the top of their class in cooktops. 

Let’s get started. 

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Slimline Model 

With Goldline, you don’t have to worry about your countertop being too small. Several customers have stated that the gas cooktop fits perfectly and requires no alternations to the benchtop. 

If you can’t afford to remodel your whole kitchen, replacing your existing cooktop with a Goldline cooktop can be a considerable saving. 

One of the hallmark features of the gas cooktop from Goldline is that it’s very narrow. However, it still provides all the power of a full stovetop. 

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Beautiful Design 

The sleek gas on glass design is a beautiful centrepiece to any kitchen. The glass, which comes in either black or white, is simple and elegant. Whereas an older cooktop might make your kitchen look dingy, this streamlined-looking stovetop can elevate the space. 

If you’re going for a classic and contemporary look, this cooktop goes well with neutral colour schemes and clean architectural lines. 

High Performance

Whether you’re frying an egg for breakfast or searing a salmon filet, the power from this cooktop makes it quick and easy. Customers have reported that it performs fabulously and is very efficient. 

The two boiler burners and two simmer burners on the gas cooktop are also extremely convenient. It allows for multiple people to cook different dishes at once, without losing efficiency. 

Wok Burner 

The wok burner is one of the unique features of Goldline’s gas cooktops. A wok burner provides high heat instantly. You can quickly make stir-frys, sear meat, and deep-fry when using this wok burner. 

It can elevate your dishes to restaurant-quality meals in mere minutes. Once you use the wok burner, you won’t know how you lived before without it. 

Easy to Clean 

Unlike traditional gas cooktops, the glass finish makes the Goldline cooktop stand out. Not only does it look fantastic, but it also cuts down on cleaning time. Instead of having to scrub deep into the crevices of the stovetop, you can simply wipe away food debris. 

The wok ring is also removable, as is the detachable spillage bowl. The maintenance of the gas on glass hob is entirely hassle-free.

Get Your Goldline Cooktop 

For all these reasons mentioned, we found the best gas cooktop in Australia for 2020 to be Goldline’s gas on glass hob. It’s a great asset to have in your kitchen and is bound to last for years to come. 

Get the most intense heat and flavour with Goldline’s gas cooktops. You can find them in your local Harvey Norman or Good Guys store. If you have any questions about our models, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at

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