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Best Gas Cooktop Australia – Now you’re cooking with gas. 

Gas cooktops are widely regarded as some of the best stove options for chefs in search of robust and accurate heat control. 

Renowned for their exceptionally fast response times and fantastic customisation options, gas cooktops are one of the most versatile options around. Whether you need a low heat to bring sauces to a simmer, or high heat for boiling water, you can accomplish anything with gas. 

Available in a wide variety of finishes and designs, from glass and enamel to stainless steel, Goldline gas stovetops are perfect for passionate cooking at home. The rich flames and high temperatures you achieve with gas are perfect for distributing heat evenly in any pan – including traditional woks. 


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Best Gas Cooktop Australia – Quality, Style, and Durability in One

We’ve built our robust range of gas stovetops to deliver excellent results to the chefs and budding cooks around Australia. Not only are our gas burners incredibly durable (even more so than ceramic cooktops), but they’re also perfect for delivering contemporary style to your kitchen too. 

With a beautiful traditional look, and a highly personalised cooking mode, gas stove tops allow you to get to the heart of your meals, rediscovering new textures and flavours with precise temperature control. We even have a range of unique style options to choose from, so you feel just as proud showing off your kitchen as you do presenting the meals you cooked on your open flame. 

All Goldline gas models come with a high-powered wok burning built-in so that you can create some genuinely authentic flavours. In fact, our wok burner is the most powerful on the market for its price – hands-down. 

Our burners are made of solid brass, to ensure a long life and solid performance for years to come. When people see just how stunning, practical and powerful our gas ovens are, they almost can’t believe the value for money that they’re getting. 

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What type of cooktop do you want?

Gas Induction Electric
Heat-ups Quick heat up with a visual overview of temperature.  Very quick heat-ups applied only to cookware – for best efficiency. Good heat-ups, but least efficient cooktop type.
Cooking Quality Precise and powerful with great versatility. Powerful, flexible, and highly responsive with many innovative auto features to assist. Reliable and effective cooking.
Installation Requires gas connection (installation of gas lines is an extra cost). Requires proper connection and compatible cookware. Easily installed by a licensed tradesperson.
Price The greater initial outlay for greater quality – very cost-effective in the long run. The greater initial outlay for higher quality – and greater efficiency. The most affordable option in the short term.
Safety Sophisticated safety features such as flame-failure cut-outs. Sophisticated safety features plus advantage that the surface does not get hot to the touch. Good safety features, such as residual heat indicators.


Whether you opt for a stainless steel stove or a stunning glass cooktop, you’re sure to find the cooking solution that’s right for you here at Goldline. 

If you’re as passionate about cooking as we are, then you’re sure to love the thrilling and intimate experience of cooking with gas. Gas cooktops deliver unprecedented control over the heat that you use to create your meals – something you can’t get with a standard induction hob.  

Come and find out more about the unique flavours that you can create with your own gas stove today. Contact the team at Goldline to find out more.  


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