Best Home Gas Stove

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Best Home Gas Stove 

Although induction cooktops are all the rave right now, gas stoves are equally as powerful and effective. Gas stoves remain one of the most popular cooking tools, given their affordability and familiarity. However, home gas stoves have come a long way in terms of features in the last few decades! 

What is the Best Gas Stove? 

Most gas stoves are reliable for any level cook. They may be a pain to clean sometimes, but overall gas cooktops are very efficient. 

We took our own experience in the kitchen and put together this list of the best gas stoves Goldline has to offer. Our top picks include the Lifestyle five-burner gas cooktop, the small four-burner gas stove, and the sleek three-burner square gas cooktop. 

How to Buy the Best Gas Stove for Your Home

Chefs swear by gas stoves because of how quickly they emit heat and are easily adjusted. They are not as sensitive to motion as induction stoves, so you can shake the pan when stir-frying or sauteing. When using induction stoves, any time the skillet lifts off the cooktop, the heat will cut off. 

If you’re having trouble choosing a model, you should first consider how many burners you’ll need. Most people can get by with the standard four-burner stove, which measures roughly 60cm wide. However, if you cook in large quantities or have a big family, you may need a five-burner cooktop. 

Don’t forget to hire a carpenter and certified gas technician to install your gas stove. You want to make sure everything is functioning correctly and up to safety standards. 

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The Best Gas Stoves 

The Lifestyle 5 Burner Cooktop 

If you are a large Australian family with plenty of kitchen space, the lifestyle five-burner stove is a great choice. Whether you frequently host special events or cook large family dinners, this cooktop is durable and equipped to cook multiple dishes at once. 

At 500mm wide, it gives all the functionality of a five-burner stove while still being versatile enough to fit most kitchen countertops. 

The Narrow 4 Burner Gas Stove 

The removable wok ring is one of our favourite features of the four-burner gas stove. It makes cleaning more relaxed than with other stovetop models. Also, it allows you more heating precision as there is an inner and outer heat ring.  

It’s also more suitable for smaller kitchens in apartments. At only 450mm wide, you can have all the functionality of a regular cooktop while saving space. 

The Small 3 Burner Square Gas Cooktop 

If you usually cook single-pot meals, this three-burner cooktop is perfect for your kitchen. It’s small but mighty, providing a variety of heating features. Its square design is only 60cm and allows you to build the kitchen of your dreams. 

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In Conclusion 

After reviewing the best home gas stoves on the market, we find Goldine’s stand out for their durability and functionality. The wide variety of sizes allows you to customise your kitchen fully and cater your stovetop to your cooking needs. 

For more information about Goldline’s cooktops, feel free to call 03 9799 9660 today and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives.


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