Best Kitchen Layout for a Large Family

Kitchen Layout

Having a large family means cooking meals can take hours. It’s best to have an optimised kitchen layout to make cooking as time-efficient and convenient as possible. The best kitchen layout for a large family is functional, stylish, and beautiful. 

You want the kitchen to be a place where people can cook together, making great food and memories. That’s why it’s essential to plan out your kitchen to accommodate your family size and needs. 

Finding the Right Storage 

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The bigger the family, the more kitchen gear you’ll have. This means you’ll need plenty of space for plates, cups, equipment and utensils. You can get creative, such as hanging pots and pans above the kitchen island. This will save shelve or cabinet space if you have a lot of cookware. 

Another option is to use shelves for open storage instead of cabinets for a more relaxed and airy feel. 

Additionally, you can have a setup that saves space, such as a cooktop and single wall oven. The SAB-4 gas cooktop is Goldline’s newest addition to the gas cooktop line. It comes equipped with two high-temperature wok burners, a simmer burner, and a boiler burner. 

Simple is the Best Kitchen Layout for a Large Family

If you have a large family with kids and pets, you’ll want to ensure there’s plenty of open space for walking. This is to avoid congestion when there are many ‘cooks in the kitchen.’ It also makes cooking safer. 

Having a gas or electric cooktop with safety features, such as the flame failure device (FFD) is another critical element to your kitchen. All of Goldline’s narrow gas cooktops come with the FFD, which cuts off the supply of gas once the flame is put out. 

If you want to increase functionality in your kitchen, you should also include an island. This is a multipurpose area which can serve as a space to chop vegetables, make drinks, or have snacks with the family. 

Invest in a Good Stove 

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If you want to make quick family meals, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality stove. Goldline’s lifestyle gas cooktops were designed for larger families, with five, four, or three-burner options. They heat food quickly and precisely, thanks to the unique flame ignition feature. 

If your kitchen is lacking space, a narrow electric gas cooktop can also be a great option. The high-efficiency kitchen burners on Goldline’s electric cooktops heat up very fast. They’re also easy to clean thanks to the single glass panel design. 

Wrapping Up: Best Kitchen Layout for Large Family

When you’re planning the best kitchen layout for a large family, you want to consider both style and function. Think about your intended uses of the kitchen, such as whipping up quick meals or entertaining guests. Then, invest in a good stove and plan a convenient layout. 

The kitchen can be the heart of the home, so it’s essential to take your time designing it. 

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