How to Choose the Best Kitchen Stove Top

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How to Choose the Best Kitchen Stove Top

The right cooktop is undoubtedly an essential element of your kitchen. Whether you’re making a simple stir fry or an extravagant multi-course meal, your cooktop needs to be precise and accurate. 

Luckily, Goldline supplies some of the best kitchen stovetops on the market. Our products are made with the Australian family in mind. They’re built to last and made of high-quality materials. 

It can be challenging to know where to start when looking for a cooktop. Let’s start with the size. 

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How much space do you have? 

The size of your cooktop will be largely dependant on how much kitchen space is available. Also, you should consider your cooking habits and how many burners you’ll need. 

If you live in a small studio apartment, for instance, a narrow cooktop with four burners will suffice. Goldline’s narrow electric cooktops are a slim 930mm by 450mm. 

However, if you have a more spacious kitchen, you may want to invest in a big five-burner stovetop. Having more burners allows you the flexibility to cook more complicated meals and desserts. 

Symmetry is also an essential consideration. You may want to find a cooktop that matches the width of your oven for a more elegant and streamlined look. 

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What kind of cooktop do you want?

The most common types of cooktops are induction and electric cooktops. There are several benefits and drawbacks to each to compare. 

Ceramic Electric Kitchen Stove top

You can rely on the adequate cooking power of Goldline’s electric cooktops. While one downside is that they are not as efficient as induction, they are much more affordable. 

Additionally, ceramic electric cooktops will be less responsive to heat controls since the glass will hold heat. However, this is where the residual heat controls keep your family safe. 


Another benefit of electric stovetops is that a certified electrician can easily install them. Because of the ease of installation, they are also cheaper than induction. 

Lastly, the residual heat indicators reduce the chances of accidents with pets or children. Goldline’s electric cooktops prioritise these safety features and ensure they’re top of the line. 


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