Best Small Apartment Size Electric Stoves

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Which one is the Best Small Apartment Size Electric Stove?

When you move into a small apartment, it can be disheartening to see a small kitchen. You may be able to plan the perfect colour scheme, install your dream lighting and decorations, but what about kitchen appliances? 

It takes strategic planning to find the best small apartment size electric stoves for your space. This article will take some of the guesswork out of finding the right size stove. If it fits, why not try Goldline’s ceramic electric cooktop? It’s one of the most narrow electric stoves on the market and has a wide range of innovative features. 


Choosing The Right Electric Stove For Your Small Space

First, consider the layout of the kitchen and how much space you have to work with. You don’t want to cram an 80 cm wide stove in your kitchen and have no room to cook. In general, narrow kitchen stoves range from around 50 cm to 60 cm wide. 

 An average small apartment size electric stove has a height of 100 cm, a width of 60 cm and a diameter of 50 cm. However, be mindful of the weight of the cooktop and the space around it. You want to ensure you have ample room in front of the stove as a workspace—we recommend around 100 cm. 

You want to make sure there is enough space for countertop prep, accessing the sink easily, and all your other cooking needs. If you’re struggling with the design layout, use the triangle system: the stove, fridge, and sink should be in the shape of a triangle. Each workspace should be about 1 or 2 metres apart.

Different Electric Cooktops by Goldline 

Ceramic Electric Cooktop 

For both experienced chefs and beginners alike, the electric cooktop by Goldline is an excellent cooking tool. It’s one of the best small apartment size electric stoves for its modest dimensions. Goldline’s narrow electric cooktop is just 45 cm wide. It has a height of 93 cm, a width of 45 cm, and a diameter of 6 cm. 

It can fit onto a narrow benchtop with ease, without compromising the quality of cooking. It comes with a nine-stage power setting so that you can cook many different dishes with control. 

Child Safety Features 

One of our favourite features on this stove is the child-friendly safety features. Since Goldline is a family-owned business, we prioritise making our appliances safe for families. The electric cooktop has a child lock feature that automatically switches on after cooking. 

Sleek Design 

The single piece of glass construction is also effortless to clean: just wipe down the surface, and that’s it! Your kitchen, no matter the size, will look sleek and elegant with this cooktop’s design. 

Worry-Free Warranty 

We understand that you might be wary about the sizable purchase of an electric stove. That’s why we’ve included a generous 2-year warranty on the Goldline electric cooktop. If you’re not completely satisfied with the fit or functionality of the stove, you can bring it back. 

Look for our electric stoves in your local Harvey Norman or Good Guys stores and order one today!

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