Best Stove Tops in 2021: Pros and Cons of Ceramic and Glass

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If you’ve been thinking about purchasing the best stovetops in 2021, the chances are that you have been recommended ceramic or glass stovetops. There are a ton of advantages of using ceramic or glass, including the ease to clean them. In this post, I’ll walk you through the pros and cons of ceramic and glass, but before that, what’s ceramic? 


What is a Ceramic Cooktop? 

A ceramic cooktop is a cooking appliance that has a smooth surface and is made of tempered glass. You’ll always find smooth ceramic put together at any store, but you have a couple of options to choose from. 


Ceramic-glass cooktops are always between fifty and ninety-five percent crystalline. While they may be from different brands, it’s essential to note that all ceramic glass cooktops must blend ceramic and glass. 

What are the Pros of Ceramic Cooktops

As mentioned before, there are many benefits of using ceramic cooktops, including high-tech safety elements, ease of cleaning, straightforward installation, and faster cooking. Let’s go through each of these by one. 


First, cleaning ceramic cooktops is easier compared to other cooking appliances. They have smooth and sealed heating elements, making it easier to wipe with a clean piece of damp cloth when a liquid or oil spills on it. 


Secondly, ceramic cooktops have high-tech safety features that make them safer to use in the kitchen. For example, many of these ceramic stovetops will indicate when they are hot. Besides, some will automatically turn off after a specified period, making your curious kids safer.  


Additionally, ceramic stovetops minimise the chances of running into dangerous gas lines in your kitchen. All you’ll need is to connect them to an electric power source, and you’re good to go. The reduced chances of gas leaks in your house make your family safer in the event of fire, earthquake or any other emergency. 


Finally, who doesn’t love fancy appliances? Ceramic cooktops are beautiful and appealing to the eye. They are excellent options when you’re looking forward to brightening the overall look of your kitchen and giving it a whole new look. 

What Are the Cons of Ceramic Cooktops? 

While there are many benefits of using ceramic cooktops, some shortcomings come with this popular stovetop. 


Many people will not love when their ceramic glasses become scratched. Besides, any little crack could lead to severe cracking. The good news, though, is that you can prevent scratches and cracking unless you drop something heavy on your cooktop. 


Another disadvantage of using ceramic cooktops is that they need thick and smooth pans and pots, which might be costly. When the heat becomes too much, especially on copper or aluminium surfaces, marks can be left and removing them can work. 


Finally, ceramics are more fragile than other cooking appliances, meaning they might require special handling. Most manufacturers provide customers with better cleaning solutions to ensure that you don’t end up scratching your cooktop while cleaning it. 

Get Your Ceramic Cooktop Today 

If you’re looking for the best stovetops in 2021, considering the pros and cons of ceramic stovetops should help you make the right purchasing decision. There are many appliances in the market today, so it makes sense to do some research before you set out to buy any of them. Fortunately, Goldline has got you covered with the latest cooking appliances you could need.


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