Best Stove Tops in 2021

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Why You Should Consider Them In the First Place

Stovetops are one of the frequently used appliances in the kitchen. This is why choosing the best stovetop in 2021 is essential.

If you want to upgrade your kitchen and make it look fancy, finding the best stovetop for your kitchen can be challenging. 

In this post, we’ll talk about the basics of stovetops—from why you should consider buying a stovetop to recommending some of the best stovetops in 2021. 

We’ll even help you make an informed decision on what to consider between a range top and a cooktop. Let’s jump right in. 

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Why Should I Consider A Cooktop? 

Maybe you’re thinking of remodelling your kitchen, or you suddenly have to replace an old appliance. Whether you need to remodel your kitchen or replace your worn out cooktop, it’s good to weigh its pros and cons. Let’s have a look at the reasons why cooktops are better: 


  • Flexible design options—Cooktops come with both aesthetics and convenience advantages—you can place the appliance where it best suits your needs. The only hindrance could be your kitchen space—the larger your kitchen space, the more flexibility you have. 
  • Less heat in the kitchen—Cooktops produce less heat to your surroundings while cooking. In other words, heat is only generated in the pans, which is then transmitted to the food through induction. This results in less heat, making it more convenient. 
  • Allows more storage space—Unlike the range models, cooktops come with an oven on the top, and a cabinet space, where you can store other kitchen valuables, such as pots, pans, utensils, among other items you could have in your kitchen. 
  • Excellent and sleek design—Although cooktops may be made from porcelain enamel, most of them feature a stainless surface for a polished look. However, extra work may be needed to make it look perfect.
  • Desirable features—Most cooktops have at least one high-power burner, which comes in handy when searing or heating large quantities. The 30-inch electric cooktops come with four burners, while the 30-inch gas cooktops come with five burners. Check some of our gas burners with three, four and five burners from our shop


It’s more expensive to purchase a cooktop and a stove separately than just for a combined model. However, because of different life constraints, your budget and space in the kitchen may limit you from choosing your desired cooktop. 

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Cooktop vs. a Range—The Difference

Most people confuse between cooktops and range tops. While these two share specific similarities, there are also significant differences that set them apart. In this section, I’ll walk you through some of the notable similarities and differences to help you make a good purchasing decision. 


Both range tops and stovetops come in different sizes; however, they are primarily available in 30 to 36 inches. Additionally, both are capable of using gas or electricity or maybe a combination of the two.


Range Tops come in sizes above 36-inches and feature a grill, while cooktops don’t feature a built-in griddle or grill. The controls of the cooktops are designed on the surface, while range top controls are located in front. Additionally, cooktops are constructed with one power burner, while standard range tops may be built having all power burners.

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Order the Best Stove Tops in 2021 at GoldlineCorp 

Whether you’re looking for gas or electric stovetops, we’ve got some of the best stovetops in 2021—both electric and gas, coming in different sizes. We also have outdoor kitchen appliances that you might be interested in. No matter what you need, we got your back.


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