Can an Electric Cooktop Be Converted to Gas and Why Do It

Can An Electric Cooktop Be Converted To Gas 1

Can an Electric Cooktop Be Converted to Gas?

It is possible to convert an electric cooktop to a gas cooktop. This conversion is done by a licensed professional, and it is safe to use. Gas cooktops are more accessible to control than electric cooktops, and they are also great for cooking multiple items with different settings.

Gas vs. Electric Ovens – Why Convert?

There are pros and cons to both gas and electric ovens. Electric cooktops are more expensive to purchase, but they are cheaper to operate in the long run. They also heat up more quickly than gas ovens and are better at reacting to temperature fluctuations.

Gas-fired appliances can be dangerous if not handled carefully, while electric ones tend to stay hotter for a long time after being turned off.

So why convert?

Best Reasons for Converting Your Electric Cooktop to Gas

Lower Utility Costs

The cost of energy for cooking with gas is less than electricity. In most states, gas is cheaper than electricity.

When purchasing a stove, you should consider the long-term operating costs. Converting your electric stove to gas can save you money in the long run on your utility bills.

Gas cooktops are cheaper to buy initially as well.

However, if you will be spending more money on gas cooktops than electric, you might want to consider electric cooktops.

However, most cooks are comfortable with the traditional flame-based gas cooktops.

Gas Offers Better Temperature Control

Gas stoves offer more precision and temperature consistency than electric stoves. This means that your food is less likely to burn or be undercooked. Additionally, gas stoves are often seen as a more desirable option for cooking because of their precision.

On the other hand, electric stoves take time to heat up and cool down. They also have a more consistent temperature than gas stoves. So, if you want better temperature control for your cooking, a gas stove might be a better option for you.

Faster Cooling Time

Electric ranges take longer to cool than gas ranges because they have a coil underneath the cooktop that releases heat slowly. While in the case of gas cooktops, it just turns off if you turn the knob to turn off the flame. This cools down the gas cooktop quickly.

How to Convert Your Stove From Electric to Gas?

Change the Outlet

Gas stoves do not need electricity; thus, you need to remove the electrical outlet. If your cooktop allows you, you can connect an existing gas line to it or take a new gas line connection.

Hook Up an Existing Gas Line

If your existing gas line isn’t long enough to reach your new stove, you’ll need to have it extended. A professional can quickly and easily connect your new stove to the gas supply if an existing gas line is already in your kitchen. Keep in mind that if there is no available gas in your area, you won’t be able to switch from electric ranges to gas ranges.

Extend an Existing Gas Line

If you have an existing gas line in your kitchen, connecting a new stove is a relatively easy task that can be completed by a qualified professional. And in this way, the cost will be low as well.

Add a New Gas Line

Adding a new gas line can be an expensive project, and it’s important to factor in all the associated costs before beginning. In addition to the cost of materials, you’ll also need to pay for labour costs.


Why convert a gas cooktop to an electric cooktop? Gas cooktops use gas as the primary fuel to create a flame. While this could be a safety hazard but many still prefer gas.

If you are unsure, you should try both and decide what to keep. Alternatively, you can use both.



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