Cheap Electric Cooktops in Sydney

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Cheap Electric Cooktops in Sydney

Finding the right cooktop to fit your budget can be one of the many challenges of renovating or building your new kitchen. Additionally, choosing between gas, electric, or induction is one of the many choices when shopping for appliances. 

If you’re on a budget, this article will help you to find cheap electric cooktops in Sydney. We’ll also talk about the differences in cost, safety, and durability between electric and gas cooktops. 

Cost Differences in Cooktops 

If you only have a single-wall kitchen, a cooktop is a great way to add functionality and space. However, how can you find a cheap cooktop on a budget? 

Electric cooktops are by far the cheapest option when choosing between gas, electric, and induction. On average, electric cooktops range between $400 and $900. The price for gas cooktops increases to $600 to $1,500, and for induction, the cost is around $1000 to $3000. As you can see, electric cooktops are by far the most affordable of the choices. 

Differences in Cost: Explained

If you’re struggling to decide between gas and electric cooktops, let’s try to understand the reasons for the differences in cost. 


One of the reasons electric cooktops are less expensive than gas is because they’re easier to install. If you don’t have an existing gas line in your home, electric cooktops are much more economical. The labour costs are about $150 higher for installing a gas cooktop. 

Heating Control 

One reason people love gas cooktops is that they heat up immediately. There is no waiting period between turning the gas on and having the precise temperature. Additionally, once you switch the gas flame off, the heat is gone, which can be a beneficial safety feature. 

Alternatively, electric cooktops can be slower to respond to temperature changes. When you turn the heat off, the residual heat remains. This means you have to remove your food or it could overcook. If you have small children, they might not see the warning light and could burn themselves. 


Although electric cooktops might not respond to touch controls instantly, they heat food more evenly and efficiently. This is because the coils distribute heat with heating elements on the top and bottom. Since the temperature is drier than gas, they’re also better for roasting food. 

Because gas cooktops operate with an open flame, some heat might be wasted. In the same vein, gas consumption could increase if the cookware is the wrong size for the burner. This may increase your gas costs. 

Gas cooktops might not be as energy-efficient as electric, but they do cost less in the long run. This is because the electricity per unit is usually more expensive than gas. 


Finding a cheap electric cooktop in Sydney can be a challenge, but you’ll probably spend less than if you bought a gas cooktop. In the way of installation and efficiency, electric cooktops are better and cheaper. 

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