Cheap Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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A cheap wood fired pizza oven cooks gourmet food in mere seconds. It takes you back to a time when cooking was slower, and times were simpler. But to take full advantage of your pizza oven, you need to understand how it works.  

The goal is to make a fire that heats up the wood fired pizza oven evenly. In this article, we’ll explain how to maintain a pizza oven properly. 

3 Kinds of Heat 

There are three main types of heat that a pizza oven uses. 

  • Conductive heat is made from using the fire bricks in the cooking base. 
  • Radiant heat is released into the refractory dome of the oven. 
  • Convection heat is created by the combination of fire, chimney drawing action, and fresh air. That’s why it’s essential to open and close the door, to get the circulation of fresh air. The door also allows you to preheat the oven and allow it to cool to the desired temperature. 

Lighting the Fire

When making your fire, be sure to leave the oven door open. Instead of using hardwood, Goldline’s pizza ovens use coal. This saves time and effort in finding the right kind of wood. It also keeps your pizza oven cleaner. 

Put your coals in the drawer provided in the pizza oven. Then, add lighter fluid and use a barbeque firelighter to get the blaze going. Once the fire has started, the inside will turn black because of the smoke & wood resin. However, the interior will turn to grey once the oven reaches 350° C. 

Here’s a quick, fun temperature test. Throw flour onto the oven floor. If it catches fire or burns in 10 seconds, it’s too hot and needs to cool. Once the oven is at the ideal temperature, the flour should turn brown after 10 seconds. 

Luckily, Goldline’s pizza ovens come with an integrated thermometer. This takes the guesswork out of finding the right temperature when making pizza, grilling, or roasting dinner. 

Maintenance for Your Cheap Wood Fired Pizza Oven

When you aren’t using the oven, keep a cap on the chimney and keep the door closed. You want to make sure you choose an open location—never use the stove inside or in an enclosed space. Lastly, be sure it’s at least three metres away from any trees or shrubs. 

The cooking base shouldn’t get wet, so refrain from using a damp rag to wipe the floor when cooking. Thankfully, the soaring temperatures of the oven act as a self-cleaner. That burns off bugs, bacteria, spilled food, and other messes. Once it’s burned off, use a wire brush on a long handle to wipe away the debris. 

Goldline’s cheap wood fired pizza oven is Australian made, for Australian families. It comes with many features, such as a pull out ash tray. As with all Goldline products, the quality and aesthetics of the pizza oven are top-notch. 

Get in touch with us today at 03 9799 9660 to ask any questions. We’re happy to provide you with all the information you need about our ovens. 


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