Check Out This Stunning Black Kitchen

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f you’ve been binging Netflix to cope with the new government demands to stay indoors during the COVID-19 outbreak, you’ve probably seen plenty of kitchen inspiration. For instance, in Restaurants on the Edge, Karin Bohn introduces us to some fantastic style ideas. Every eatery assessed in the show comes with amazing views and beautiful design elements to consider. 

Karin Bohn has built a name for herself with her very own interior design practice: House of Bohn. This business, based in Vancouver Canada, has attracted restaurant owners, business leaders, and homeowners from all over the world. Bohn even posts regular work on YouTube, which is one of the reasons why Netflix discovered her in the first place. 

One of the biggest, but most lucrative risks that Karin has ever taken in her design, is the decision to paint her own kitchen black. The good news? We think it paid off. It’s a look that many of our customers are keen to recreate with their own gas cooktop 930mm model. 


Forget the Old-Fashioned White Kitchen 

When talking to Vogue about her daring black kitchen, Bohn said that the choice required her to take a “big risk.” However, she was sick and tired of seeing so many all-white kitchens. Although white is excellent for opening up a space, Karin wanted to create something with more drama. 

The original kitchen design in Bohn’s home came with closed-in cabinets, pink laminate counters, and no island. She hated that kitchen for almost 2 years before she had the time and opportunity to resonate. After tearing out the rose-coloured laminate, Bohn was a little concerned that an all-black kitchen might be just a bit too overwhelming. However, her white-washed oak floor helped to add the much-needed contrast the room was looking for. The result is something that’s both airy and appealing at the same time. 

With a glass gas cooktop 930mm model, we think that this black kitchen is the perfect way to update virtually any drab home. 

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Adding a Touch of Personality and Drama

It’s not just the kitchen that got a much-needed upgrade in Karin’s home when she started renovating. Bohn decided to add a world map to the dining room floor, reminding her of all the globetrotting she’s done with her husband over the years. There’s bold palm wallpaper in one of the bathrooms, too, perfect for showcasing Bohn’s exotic personality. The black and white mosaic floor helps to add a touch of extra elegance to the space also. 

As you scroll through pictures of Karin’s home, complete with plenty of natural stone and wood textures throughout, you get the sense of someone who wants to combine soft personal touches of her own life, with plenty of timeless elegance. 

Perhaps now could be the perfect opportunity for you to take your own risks with a little daring kitchen renovation? Or maybe you just want to update your cooking utensils with a brand-new stovetop? Either way, reach out to Goldline today! 



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