Creating A Child-Proof Kitchen In Your Renovations

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When you’re cooking, your attention is divided away from your child. Their curiosity, combined with the potential hazards in a kitchen, can be caused for concern. 

Goldline is committed to your family’s safety, which is why we’ve created appliances with high-tech safety features, like on our newest four burner gas cooktop. In this article, we’ll share crucial ways to make a child-proof kitchen. 

Options for Child-safety in the Kitchen

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There are many different options for child-proofing, including covering sharp corners, blocking off outlets, and cooking mindfully. 

Child Proof Kitchen Island

One of the main things you want to avoid is your children hitting their heads on countertops. To avoid sharp corners and edges, add protective cushioning over them. 

All you have to do is install ½ inch pieces of foam over the edges of the kitchen island. Then, tape it securely onto the edge of the island so your kids can’t pull it off. Voila! You now have child-proof kitchen countertops. 

Baby Proof Kitchen Drawers 

Most people usually keep chemicals and cleaning supplies underneath the sink. If a child gets into your cleaning chemicals, it could be disastrous. Therefore, make sure you install latches on any cabinet handles that children could reach. 

You should be especially mindful of dishwashing pods. They look like candy and can be poisonous if they explode in your child’s mouth. 

One nifty tip is to keep one lower cabinet with Tupperware or toys that your baby can play with safely. This will keep them busy and out of trouble while you cook. 

Baby Proof Appliances 

While cooking, keep pan handles turned to the side. This prevents the child from reaching them and burning themselves. 

You should also always try to use the back burners while cooking. You don’t want your child to pull on a handle and potentially spill hot food all over themselves. 

When you’re not cooking, you can use stove knob covers. This will prevent the child from accidentally turning on the stove. 

Cover Electrical Outlets 

Using a plastic insert is a cost-effective way to block off electrical outlets. Another option is to place electric outlets out of the child’s reach to avoid accidentally touching them. 

There are lots of different styles of electrical outlet covers. Some box-style covers allow appliances to stay plugged in, which can be more convenient. 

Goldline Cooktops Child-Safety Feature

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We know that designing a kitchen for Australian families means making sure they’re safe for all ages. That’s why we have the Flame Failure Device installed on all our gas cooktops.

Flame Failure Device (FFD) 

Another way to child-proof your kitchen is to install appliances with advanced safety features. Goldline’s gas stovetops feature a flame failure device (FFD) which stops the flow of gas as soon as the flame is extinguished. 

This feature is installed on the Sab-4, our newest four burner gas cooktop, and other gas appliances sold by Goldline, to minimise the risk of accidental burns and fires. While other gas cooktops might cause more stress in the kitchen, the Sab-4 is a great solution for child-safety thanks to the FFD. 

Want a Child-Proof Kitchen Cooktop?

Overall, it would be best if you child-proofed your kitchen before the baby comes. If you’re ready to get started with child-proof appliances, try out Goldline’s gas cooktops.

Contact us, and we’ll be happy to tell you about how our cooktops have been designed for dynamic Australian families, including for child safety. We’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

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