Choosing the Right Harvey Norman Electric Cooktop

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Harvey Norman Electric Cooktop

If you’re looking for a guide on finding the right electric cooktop at Harvey Norman, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discover the difference between induction and ceramic cooktops. 

We’ll take a comprehensive look at the features to consider before buying an electric cooktop. By the end of this article, you’ll have more information on factors like control, safety, and cost. 

Let’s get started. 

Factors to Keep in Mind 

One of the most practical things to consider is the available space in your kitchen. How many zones do you have space for on the counter? Goldline’s electric cooktops found at Harvey Norman stores feature 70 cm cooktops that fit in a 60 cm cutout. Space solutions like this give you the extra space you need when a 60 cm cooktop might be too cramped. 

Also, it’s essential to keep a list of beneficial features you’d like in an electric cooktop. Bells and whistles such as child locks, high-tech safety features, and timers are all helpful for busy cooks. Also, be practical about the type of burners you need for the number of pans you usually use. 

Finally, be sure to consult with an electrician about the electric ratings before ordering a cooktop. The wiring must fit with the type of cooktop you purchase. If you’re unsure, you can check the installation requirements on the manual. 

How Ceramic & Induction Cooktops Work

Did you know ceramic and induction cooktops operate very differently? 

In a ceramic cooktop, the coiled metal heats up under the tempered ceramic glass. The metal coils are heated to desired temperatures which then heats the surface and warms the pan. These cooktops can be aesthetically pleasing with smooth, high-quality glass. 

On the other hand, induction cooktops feature high-frequency electromagnets, not heated coils. The electromagnets then generate a magnetic field which heats the pan. These may be more energy efficient in the long-run, but they require a higher initial investment. 


Both ceramic and induction cooktops feature digital touch controls. The main difference is that induction cooktops respond instantly to temperature changes. Conversely, ceramic cooktops may take slightly longer to change temperature once the power is turned.

Some popular elements you’ll see on electric cooktops are child controls, locking panels, timers, and pause buttons. These serve for better convenience when multi-tasking. 


If you have small children, you’ll want to find an electric cooktop with exceptional safety features. Goldline’s electric cooktops have residual heat safety features to let you know when the surface is still hot. 

Some models also have a safety mechanism that turns off the heat without the pressure on the burner. This can prevent damage to the cooktop and expensive repairs. 

Wrapping It Up 

If you have a busy life, an electric cooktop may be right for you. They offer the precision and accuracy of a gas cooktop without the mess. Because of the smooth ceramic surface, clean-up is a breeze. Electric Cooktops by Goldine are carried in Harvey Norman stores. They offer state-of-the-art safety features and energy-efficient technology. 

Find Goldline’s Electric Cooktops in a Harvey Norman store near you! 


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