Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a BBQ and Pizza Oven

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BBQ and pizza ovens are typically built for the outdoor experience and use propane gas or solid fuels such as charcoal/wood to generate distinct flavours. On the other hand, the usually free-standing —smaller version—are designed for household use.

This post will take you through some blunders to avoid when purchasing a BBQ and pizza Oven.

1. Excessive Heating

Many people assume that a great British BBQ implies ‘the bigger, the better. But contrary to popular belief, you don’t want a hot grill all over. The issue arises when your sausages are practically black on the outside, and there is nowhere for them to cool.

You have no option but to make the awkward shuffle and line the edge of your grill with sausage in a frantic attempt to spare them from the heat.

2. Making Use of Refrigerator-Cold Meat

Perhaps you’ve had this experience—intuition telling you to utilise meat directly from the fridge since nobody keeps meat in the refrigerator and who can remember otherwise?

Cooking anything cold will cause it to take longer to heat up. That is, whatever timings you may have will be thrown off before you even begin cooking.

3. The Use Of Lighter Fluid

Don’t you simply enjoy the smell of gasoline on your first burger bite of the summer? Indeed, good things come to the patient, which is certainly true when lighting a grill.

Quick-fix lighter fluid is promoted in stores as a “must-have” item if you want to get your coals hot and your flames blazing. Don’t be swayed by its promises.

While you will receive an instant fire, the flame will rapidly diminish and die after an initial puff of smoke, sending you down a seductive rabbit hole of more fluid for more flames but no proper heat.

4. Avoiding Charcoal’s ‘Wait For Grey’ Instruction

The grey/white coal stuff is another impediment in your path to barbeque glory. What difference is there if they aren’t yet the colour of concrete? They appear to be attractive. There’s a lot of red in there.

Without realising it, you shall have distributed your not-so-hot coals around before achieving their heat potential, resulting in a slew of issues, including uneven heat, strange flavours, and unexpected cooking times.

5. Being a Sucker for Flames

Flames flickering burgers are similar to scorched shoulders in the sun. They’ll always go together, even if it’s completely incorrect.

It might be challenging to resist the drama of it all while avoiding flames that liberally consume what’s on your grill. They will create unsightly sooty residues on your meals.

6. Fiddling With the Lid

The lid isn’t just for show; it’s an essential piece of equipment. Therefore, as tempting as it is to watch on what’s going on down there, resist the impulse, and you’ll reap the advantages.

Moving the lid of a gas grill repeatedly will lead to heat loss while doing it on a coal grill will allow more oxygen to enter, feed the fire, and increase the temperature.

7. Checking The Readiness Of The Meat

There is practically no other need like wanting to poke. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with prodding to test your food, it is inefficient unless you are an expert. After five pokes, you’re probably not that much closer to determining its doneness.

8. After Cooking, Not Allowing Meat To Rest

This is another common novice blunder in the kitchen all year and in the garden during summer. If you serve it too fast, it won’t have time to relax, become less ‘tight,’ and absorb its juices.

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