Complete Guide to a Steel Camp Oven

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If you love camping or cooking outdoors, a steel camp oven is a great way to upgrade your adventures. Cooking over fire takes you back to old times, where settlers, explorers, and cattle drovers used camp ovens. 

So whether you’re sitting in your backyard with friends or out in the wilderness, you can use a steel camp oven to make delicious home-cooked meals. We’ll compare spun steel camp ovens with the original cast-iron ones in this article. We’ll also talk about Goldline’s innovative and versatile Camp Oven. 

Why a Steel Camp Oven?

Finding the right camp oven depends on your budget, preferences and style of cooking. With a spun steel camp oven, there are many benefits and abilities that you won’t get with a regular cast iron oven. 


Tired of lugging around a cast-iron oven? A steel camp oven is almost half the weight of its cast-iron equivalent. If you drop it, it’s also more resistant to cracks. Its weight and durability make it easy to transport in the back of your car.  

Finally, it’s more versatile—you can use different parts as different cooking utensils and tools. For example, the Steel Camp Oven from Goldline is excellent for cooking soup and stews, grilling meats and vegetables, and much more! 

Steel vs. Cast Iron 

The oldest and most common camp oven is cast iron, flat-bottomed, and has a wire handle. The major downside is that they’re quite heavy to move around a fire or to the campsite. However, because they have so much mass, they retain heat well. Another consideration is that they’re very brittle and are prone to cracking if dropped. 

On the other hand, spun steel is an excellent option for camp oven material. Steel camp ovens are much lighter than cast iron, albeit a bit bulkier. Spun steel is also non-porous, so it’s much easier to keep clean. Finally, it’s more durable—it won’t crack if you drop it or you pour cold water inside. 

Try The Goldline Camp Oven

The Goldline Camp oven is like a deluxe steel camp oven. It’s the best of both worlds because it can do all the functions of a cast-iron camp oven: make hearty soups, stews, and roasts. However, it’s lightweight and easy to transport as well. 

There are some additional features that campers and outdoor chefs will love. It comes with a soup ladle, soup pan, soup pot, and grilling racks. This will save you from having to buy additional kitchen gadgets. There’s also a built-in chimney so that you can use it for smoking meats as well. 

With this camp cooker, you’ll no longer be limited when outdoor cooking. You also won’t have to lug around a heavy cast-iron oven or be worried about it breaking. 

Take your outdoor cooking to the next level with the Goldline Camp Oven today! If you have any questions about this product, you can send us a message on our website or call us on (03) 9799 9660. We look forward to hearing from you!


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