Cooktop Cutout Too Small? Try These 7 Hacks

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Cooktop Cutout Too Small

Though many of us dream of a farm-style kitchen with plenty of countertop space and room for extensive amenities, that’s not always the reality. If you live in a studio apartment and have a single wall kitchen, finding space for all your cooking needs can be a challenge. 

In this article, we’ll discover some innovative design hacks that’ll turn your kitchen from cramped to spacious. By the end, you’ll have some great tips on maximizing your space to be more functional and appealing. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Find a Narrow Cooktop 

Have you ever struggled to find a cooktop with a cutout width to fit most dimensions? There is a company which has the narrowest cooktops on the market—Goldline. Not only are they much smaller than the average width, but they’re high quality and come with advanced safety features. They come with wok burners and are incredibly versatile, too. 

Finding the right amount of space can be a considerable challenge, but luckily there are solutions for even the smallest of kitchens. 

2. Install a Backwall Mirror 

Adding a mirrored backsplash can effectively create the illusion of space. It bounces light around and makes the walls look elongated. If your cooking zone is highly compact, installing a mirror can do wonders for creating more room visually. 

3. Change Your Colour Scheme 

There are many colour options to choose from when designing your kitchen. For a clean and sleek look, consider an all-white design. If your budget allows, you can deck out your kitchen with all-white appliances. 

Alternatively, those on a tighter budget can paint the walls and cabinets white to make your space feel larger. Soft neutral or pastel colours like dove grey, mint, or cream will have a similar effect. Whereas darker colours weigh down a compact room, lighter colours expand it effortlessly. 

4. Opt for Open Shelving 

Though some might prefer the traditional look of cabinets, open shelving can do wonders for visually creating space. Cabinets may look neater, but the truth is they can be visually dense. Try open shelving as well as hanging storage for a more open, airy feel. 

5. Create Horizontal & Vertical Lines 

You’d be amazed at the difference that horizontal and vertical lines make in a kitchen. Integrate striped cupboards and panels which draw the eye upward and add length. Horizontal lines add depth and create a wider-looking space. 

6. Try Pull-Out Solutions 

If you’re struggling to find a usable work area in your small kitchen, a pull out cutting board can do wonders. Let’s face it—sitting at the kitchen table to chop vegetables slows down your cooking time. Try incorporating pull-out shelves and boards that sit flush beneath your countertop. 

7. Enhance Your Lighting 

Of course, the best lighting is natural light to expand a small space. If you can, have a generously sized window that allows more light to enter the room. Alternatively, you can install ceiling lights and under-cabinet lighting. 

Wrapping Up 

We hope these tips help you to create a visually larger kitchen when the renovation isn’t possible.

 If your cooktop cutout is too small, browse Goldline’s gas cooktops which are the narrowest in Australia. 


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