Cooktops and Child Safety

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A cooktop without child safety features is like an accident waiting to happen. Today, most modern cooktops have safety features on their electric stoves and gas cooktops. However,  it’s still an important thing to check for before investing in a stovetop.

All of Goldline’s electric and gas stoves come with state-of-the-art safety features. Since our engineers design our products for families, we put child safety first. When you invest in a Goldline product, you don’t have to worry about burns or accidental fires from your cooktop.

Why You Need a Cooktop with Child Safety

Whether you have an electric, induction, or gas cooktop, child safety is an essential feature of the stove. Safety features these days range from child locks on stovetops to residual heat indicators, and more.

Children haven’t learned the dangers of touching hot surfaces and can easily burn their hands on flames. Kids are also naturally curious and want to touch and interact with the objects their parents use.

In addition to finding a stovetop with safety features, we recommend that you try to use the back burners when cooking with kids around. You can also remove the knobs of the stove when no one is cooking, or by child-proof knob covers.

Benefits of Goldline Cooktops

Goldline manufacturers cooktops with the Australian family in mind. The products are made by Australian families for Australian families. That’s why safety features are one of the priorities of the engineers that create the cooktops.

Gas Stove Safety Features

All of Goldline’s gas stoves come with a flame failure device (FFD) safety feature. This intelligent feature cuts off the supply of gas to the burner as soon as the flame is extinguished.  The FFD can help prevent accidental kitchen fires. It can also help avoid belongings on the cooktop from getting damaged.

Electric Cooktop Safety Device

Goldline’s narrow electric cooktops come with residual heat indicators that help bring peace of mind to parents.  The sensitive residual heat indicators remain red when the stovetop is slightly hot. An electric stove can be a common place for burnt fingers and hands, so this feature helps prevent accidents.

Importance of Safety Features

Whether it’s for your own home or investment property, a cooktop that has been designed with safety features can help prevent a disaster. A cooktop without safety features like a flame failure device or residual heat indicators could cause an accident. For example, house fires have been known to happen from stovetops left on accidentally.

You also risk burning your favourite pots and pans if you accidentally leave them on a turned-on stove. Safety features can help protect your belongings,  but more importantly, they help protect your family and children.

You can find Goldline’s cooktops in your local Harvey Norman or Good Guys store. You can also order directly from our online shop. All of Goldline’s cooktops come with a 2-year warranty so you can purchase risk-free.

To find out more information and see if a Goldline cooktop is right for you, call us on (03) 9799 9660.


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