What Is The Cost Of A Small Kitchen Renovation In Australia? 

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If you’re in the planning stages of a small kitchen renovation, you may be looking for design ideas. One of the most popular renovation ideas is called the transitional style. For a look that combines both contemporary and classic styles, try out the design tips in this article. 

Small Kitchen Renovation Cost Australia

The transitional style is known for its clean architectural lines and neutral finishes. The versatile style is great for many different types of kitchen layouts. What differentiates it from the traditional kitchen design is that it draws inspiration from other rooms in the house. 

As in the photo below, the kitchen’s colourful blue cabinets are complemented by the neutral walls and finishes. The kitchen also appears to open up to the next room, creating a spacious and airy feel. 

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 Photo by Anthony Masterson

Cabinets & Countertops 

The key to pulling off this look is to eliminate clutter and patterns which would distract from the sleek design. Storage space is essential to creating the minimalist, clutter-free look. To maximise storage, invest in sizable cabinets. The most common cabinet styles in transitional kitchens are woodgrain or painted wood cabinetry.

In the way of countertops, the streamlined look is complimented by quartz counter spaces or quartzite countertops. Another stylistic option is to have waterfall countertops on an island, which drop vertically down the sides of the countertop. You can see the elegance of waterfall countertops in the image below. 

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Photo by Paul Dyer 

Transitional Flooring & Lighting 

The most iconic decor element in a transitional kitchen is pendant lighting. The delicate pendants can be seen hanging from the ceiling, often matching other stylistic elements in the kitchen. As in the photo below, the delicate cages of the lanterns complement the dark lines on the open shelving. 

Wood or plank-style flooring also creates a solid, traditional look that anchors the entire space. The vibrant colours of the wood bring warmth and a welcoming look to the kitchen. The wood accent above the range is also a lovely element that draws the eye, without being over the top. 

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Photo by Caren Alpert 

Timeless Appliances 

The simple colour scheme of most transitional kitchens makes the appliances pop more than usual. Typically, all devices will be stainless steel, but adding neutral panelling behind them can help them blend into the kitchen.

Great lighting, energy-efficient appliances, and personally customised floor plans are what makes this look so great. It’s essential to find your personal touch when remodelling your kitchen. 

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