Could a Gas Cooktop Improve your Kitchen’s Efficiency?

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A stunning gas cooktop from Goldline can make your kitchen look incredible, and even give you more options to play with when it comes to trying out new recipes and meals. However, there’s also a chance that your cooktop could also help to improve the efficiency of your kitchen too. It turns out that appliances powered by natural gas could reduce your carbon footprint by up to 40% if you compare your kitchen to one using just electric appliances.

Although many fossil fuels have their downsides, natural gas is one of the cleanest options on the market, because it emits a lot less greenhouse gas than the fuels typically burned to create electricity. Appliances with natural gas at the center of their power can help to give you a more stunning energy-efficient home.

Choosing Between Electric and Gas Cooktops

Although electric cooktops can be cheaper and sometimes more convenient than their gas counterparts, if you’re deciding based on energy efficiency, gas cooktops are definitely the way to go. Gas cooktops beat electric cooktops every time for energy efficiency, allowing you to consume a lot less energy than you would in a standard kitchen.

The burner technology that we use here at Goldline will help to keep your gas cooktop efficiency as high as possible. Here at Goldline, we’re always investing in the latest tools and technology to make your kitchen the best space in your home. Our burners will concentrate the heat of your stovetop onto your pans, rather than heating the air around your pans instead.

Making your Gas Stovetop More Efficient

While gas stovetops are naturally more efficient than their counterparts, they can be made even more efficient in the right circumstances too. One of the things that you can do to keep your efficiency high is to make sure that you’re only using as much gas as you need and nothing more. This means keeping the flame low for your cooking requirements. What’s more, ensuring that you’re using a pan or pot that’s probably sized to suit your burner can significantly lower your energy consumption too.

Remember, placing the wrong pot or pan on a large burner can waste a huge amount of the heat that you’re emitting. Keeping an eye on the colour of your flame is helpful as too as if it turns yellow or orange, it could be a sign that you need to invest in some maintenance for your stovetop.

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