Creative Ideas for Adding Spice to Your Small Space Kitchen

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Whether it’s a rented room or something to call your own, a foot or two of counter space and perhaps a wall, might not give you a lot of space to get creative. Here are 33 ideas to help you jazz up your tiny kitchen space!

1. Stack them up

Do you own a set of cutting boards but don’t have enough space for them? Place blocky and stable items (such as your toaster and coffee maker) on top of each other to save space.

2. Use your stove as storage

Each kitchen has one thing in common, no matter how big or how small: a stove. When you are not using your stove consider using this area for tray storage. Even pots and pans can be hidden inside your stove when this space is not in use.

3. Use your refrigerator as storage

Save space by adding hooks to the side of your fridge for items like paper towels and stashing away seldom-used devices on top like a stand mixer.

4. Maximise your backsplash

The backsplash is one of the kitchen’s most underused vertical rooms. This is a clever way to make room for more when every little bit of space counts (or when there is a serious lack of cupboards).

5. Roll in more storage

An interesting way to save some space is to utilise a compact rolling cart which you can also use as an island.

6. All-white

White can help create a neat and spacious ambience. White-on-white (combined with warmer undertones, may we suggest) can work wonders for your kitchen!

7. Utilise your ceiling space

Your ceiling presents many opportunities. Consider a heavy-duty ceiling pot rack or a DIY project like a hanging bar!

8. Renter-friendly shelving

When you’re a renter, it’s not always feasible to add on-the-wall shelving, even if they are incredibly useful for expanding your surface area.

9. Gloss it up

Tired of the old matte look? Go for the glossy, reflective look Euro-styled kitchens are characterised with.

10. Make a statement on the floor

On a small room, tiles have a stronger impact. And, since there’s less space, you don’t have to spend as much! If you’re a renter, Etsy sells these peel-and-stick floor tiles that look great!

11. Add a vibrant rug

With a colourful vintage-style rug, you can keep the kitchen stylish and cozy. Go with a runner or seek a smaller 3′ x 5′ for something smaller and more square for a narrow galley-style kitchen.

12. Don’t go too crazy with the colours

Instead of investing in painting your cabinets or a crazy-tinted appliance, why not infuse colour through your accessories instead? It’s a more subtle and tasteful way of accentuating areas of your kitchen.

13. Go big with fixtures!

If your kitchen has enough height, try going with tall, pendant shades!

14. Embrace the vintage/retro vibe

If you have a dated kitchen and are not too pleased with it, try leaning more into its era to make the most out of it!

15. Mix artworks with the culinary arts

Don’t let size get in the way of some fine art! Try and find opportunities to let interesting artworks shine in your kitchen.

16. Make a statement with your appliances

If you only have a few cabinet doors and a small stretch of countertops, your best bet towards a jazzy kitchen might just be your refrigerator!

17. Maximise your wall space

Feel free to utilise racks to shelve your kitchen equipment and utensils for added compactness (and style)!

18. Incorporate unexpected surprises

Small kitchens can be difficult when it comes to generating surprises. Think of painting or wallpapering the cabinets inside, or springing up for a shocking backsplash.

19. Accentuate your wall

Wallpapers, artworks, or even chalkboard-painted panes can go a long way into giving your kitchen a much more appealing overall aesthetic.

20. Make bold colour selections

Generally speaking, big risks have massive style payoffs. Try going for complementary colours, like yellow cabinetry accentuating a blue accent wall for example.

21. Try monochrome!

For a clean, sophisticated, uncluttered look, try monochrome! Even if your kitchen is no larger than the average wardrobe, it can still fit in some big style as long as you practice some restraint.

22. Make more room with hanging storage

Not a lot of space for your tools, pots and pans? Try setting up a hanging storage above your cabinets, provided there is enough room.

23. Soft touches

If you have a window in your small kitchen, try adding draperies. These should invite the same coziness as your living room, encasing you in purposeful design.

24. Go for gold

Though oftentimes an unexpected choice, the use of gold foil accents is indeed a good one when done tastefully. They add glamour and fun without a whole lot of effort. If you aren’t pleased with them anymore, simply peel them off and start fresh.

25. Black and white

In a narrow space, using a simple colour scheme is sometimes the best way to keep the look as airy as possible. Goldline Cooktops offers narrow bench cooktops in both black and white options – perfect for any black and white kitchen setup.

26. Add a playful touch of personality

Always look to make your kitchen an extension of your personality. However, do so tastefully and with restraint. Add just the right amount without going overboard!

27. Experiment with styles

Don’t hesitate to blend different aesthetics to create your own unique vibe. If you have a modern kitchen aesthetic, perhaps try introducing traditional elements such as rustic stools or a vintage wall accent, for example.

28. Cook up a dining area

Often all you need to create a small dining area for one or two is a small table tucked in any open space you might have between cabinets and appliances.

29. View your kitchen through rose-coloured glasses

If you’re reluctant to go full-on bold with a bright or deep colour, try going for just a hint of hue with muted, light colours and experiment with them.

30. Embrace the aesthetic

Rather than trying to cover up that aged brick in your kitchen, embrace its aesthetic and make it part of your decor! Whether you have shiny new modern bricks, reclaimed wood or antique tiles, consider sticking with them before making major changes.

31. Plants and herbs

A great way to add vitality to a stagnant scene is some plants or herbs. Their ever-moving leaves and stalks effortlessly add life to an otherwise bleak environment.

32. Light it up

Decorative lighting has a greater impact in smaller spaces. Experiment with different kinds of lighting and other accessories to create a unique effect.

33. Make the most out of your bench space

Most of your counter space can be occupied by a large four-burner range or cooktop. Look for alternative ways to save room, such as a Goldline 2 or 3 burner stovetop.


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