Delicious Wood Fired Oven Recipes (That Aren’t Pizza!)

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Most people enjoy eating freshly made pizza cooked on a wood-fire grill. However, pizza is not the sole finger-licking meal prepared using an outdoor oven. Do you want to step out of your comfort zone when you make your next tasty treat? Here are some great wood-fired oven recipes for you.

1. Flavored Vegetables

You can purchase some veggies from your local farmer’s market. Use onions, carrots, sweet peppers and portobello mushrooms to make a colourful combo. Put the vegetable mix in a vegetable dish with a regular dripping pan.

To add crisp and a nice flavour to the vegetables, add some sea salt and coat them with olive oil. Put the vegetables in the centre of the oven and serve them hot when ready.

2. Porterhouse Steak

Cooking thick-cut steak in a wood-fire oven is a great way to make steak as the stove has high temperatures, and the wood gives the steak a great smokey flavour.

You need a Tuscan grill to cook a steak correctly. The Tuscan grill is an essential cast-iron grate that can perfectly sit in your wood-fire oven.

3. Prepare Salmon

First, warm your oven for around 40 minutes. Next, add sea salt, a splash of orange and black pepper to the fish.

Grab two slabs of cedarwood. Place the two pieces of wood in the oven and give it about five minutes to cook.

Place the fish at the mouth of the oven, then after five minutes, sprinkle some orange on the salmon to give it more flavour.

4. Cook Hot Potatoes

If you are looking for new wood-fired oven recipes, potato recipes are a great place to start from.

Use dry, seasoned wood to fire up your oven. Let the wood burn till you have more hot coals and fewer flames—this typically takes roughly 45 minutes.

Put the potatoes near the fire and not on the fire, mainly if they are not enclosed in a foil.

5. Spatchcock Chicken

Butterflied or spatchcocked chicken works appropriately in the wood-fired oven with intense heat since separating the spine from the chicken and flattening it makes the chicken cook quickly and evenly.

6. Bake Some Bread

Bread is a popular staple food. You can either buy bread in a store or prepare a delicious one in your backyard. You can bake a delectable crunchy crust with a moist and soft centre on a wood-fired brick oven.

Prepare your special dough recipe, allow it to rise, put it in the hot oven, and wait for the outcome.

7. Barbecued Sardines

Sardines are flavoursome when prepared on fire. The heat will crisp and char the skin making the flavour mouth-watering.

The simplest way to prepare sardine is to nail it to wood blocks using clean nails and face it in the direction of the flames to cook. You can use lemon juice as garnish.

8. Roast Turkey

Have you ever used your wood-fired oven to prepare Christmas dinner?

It’s the ideal alternative to prepare the bird in there and set your main oven free for other meals.

Keep in mind that turkeys may balloon during the cooking process: therefore, ensure that it doesn’t touch the oven’s roof, especially when you have a small one.

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