Electric Stovetop – Things to Consider

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If you’re trying to decide between an induction cooktop, electric cooktop or gas cooktop, we understand that the choice can be overwhelming. On the one hand, you have to decide on your budget and space allowances. O the other, you have to think about the features you’re looking for and the design.

To help you make a better-informed buying decision, we put together this practical guide on electric cooktops.

How to Decide on an Electric Cooktop

Although gas might be the industry standard for cooktops, electric cooktops have been gaining traction in recent years.


  • Saves money. Unlike gas cooktops that might require installing a gas line, electric stoves can be more easily installed. Especially if you’re doing a kitchen remodelling, this aspect could save you a lot of money.
  • Easier to keep it clean. A stove is one of the hardest parts of the kitchen to keep looking clean. But electric stoves require much less maintenance and cleaning time.
  • Food cooks more evenly. Electric stoves are great for heating all sides of the pan equally. Even heating prevents one side of the food from cooking faster than the other.
  • Consumes less energy. If you are environmentally conscious, an electric stove might be a better choice for you. Electric cooktops don’t use as much energy as gas which can also lower your utility bill.


  • Takes longer to heat up. One of the downsides of using an electric stove is that it requires more patience. With gas, you have instant heat, but an electric stove will take a few minutes to get to high heat.
  • More fragile. People will have to use a little bit more caution when they have an electric stove. If something is dropped on it, it could crack the ceramic glass of the cooktop.

Best Electric Cooktop

If you’re looking for an electric cooktop with outstanding safety features and performance ability, look no further than Goldline’s narrow electric cooktop.

Electric Precision Control

One of the main complaints about electric cooktops is that they don’t offer as much control as gas ones. However, Goldline’s electric cooktop has a 9-stage power setting so you can quickly adjust the temperature and retain control over your meal.

Stovetop Child Lock Safety Features

Since Goldline is a family-owned business, we put your family’s safety as one of our top concerns. Our electric cooktops come with child locking features to help prevent accidents in the kitchen. The residual heat indicators will also make sure that no hands accidentally get burnt.

Sleek, Modern Design

Our stovetops are designed not only to function incredibly but also to look amazing in your kitchen. The beautiful glass cooktop surface is both durable and elegant. It’s designed to complement different kitchen ideas seamlessly.

To find a Goldline electric stove near you, you can go to your nearest Good Guys or Harvey Norman store. Contact us on (03) 9799 9660 if you have any questions or concerns about our products, and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you.


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