Exploring the Quarantine Kitchens of Top Celebs

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Struggling to avoid going stir crazy during quarantine?

You’re not alone. Plenty of celebrities, amateur cooks, and Michelin-star chefs are in the same boat as you. Fortunately, since today’s stars are having a hard time getting to movie and television show sets, they’re finding other ways to keep us educated and entertained. 

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to use your town gas stove or you just need some help making the most of your kitchen, here are some fantastic celeb vids worth checking out. 

Massimo Bottura

This phenomenal chef has been stuck in quarantine for four weeks now, with his daughter, Alexa. Fortunately, the two of them decided to let us in on their slice of life by filming a handful of live Instagram stories designed for #KitchenQuarantine. On the Bottura Instagram page, you’ll learn how to create everything from Thai curry to Tortellini. There are even top tips on how to create the ultimate bechamel sauce. 

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Florence Pugh

Little Women star Florence Pugh has shown us that there are a lot more uses for garlic than many of us ever realised. Pugh is no stranger to showcasing her amazing meals on Instagram. These days, she’s trying to overcome her feelings of sadness and anxiety by teaching us all how to create comforting meals like butternut soup.


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Antoni Porowski 

This self-processed foodie from Queer Eye has started giving his own guidance to hopeless would-be cooks trying to master their town gas stove. In a series of 10-minute IGTV videos that he calls Quar Eye, Antoni teaches viewers how to cook even with the limited ingredients available in Quarantine. You can learn how to use peanut butter and coconut milk for a delicious chicken sauce. Plus, something is inspiring about Antoni’s waste-not and want-not attitude. 

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Julia Busuttil Nishimura

Melbourne cookbook extraordinaire, @JuliaOstro, has an Instagram feed that’s brimming with brilliant and inspiring recipes for the whole family. You’ll discover the secrets to creating golden-brown blackberry and apple cakes, as well as roasted tomato soup. The whole experience that you get from Julia is something that’s incredibly warming and wholesome – ideal for these troubling times when you can’t get a home-cooked meal from your mum. 

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Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is still rolling out the cooking advice – even in quarantine. This fantastic British cook has entirely produced his own cooking show on Channel 4, making everything from freezable sauces to pasta from scratch. You can even discover how to make cakes without any eggs – which will come in handy with the shelves are bare. For those of you without Channel 4, you can also find the shows streaming on Jamie’s Facebook page. 

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Jennifer Garner

Even Jennifer Garner has her own #PretendCookingShow available to view on her IGTV channel. If you’re a fan of the down-to-earth actress, then you’re going to love her comedic and highly relatable attempts at cooking some familiar recipes. These are videos worth watching, even if it’s just to enjoy the moments when Jennifer spends a little while talking to her dog in her Pajamas. 

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Once all the panic has died down, you can even use what you’ve learned in your own kitchen and upgrade your cooking utensils with the help of Goldline! Contact us today to find out more.


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