Design the Best Australian Family Kitchen with a SAB-4 Cooktop

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If you’re redesigning your family kitchen or switching from electric to gas, the SAB-4 is designed for you. Goldline engineered this cooktop with Australian families in mind, including all the technology you need to make fantastic food. 

Using gas captures the intense flavours of your food, thanks to the instant heat. Besides, the black reflective glass compliments any style of kitchen. Before you purchase a gas cooktop, you’ll need to consider many different factors. 

The Importance of the Flame Failure Device 

If you have children or pets in the house, having a cooktop with a flame failure device (FFD) is essential. This safety feature on the SAB-4 cooktop immediately cuts off the gas supply once someone extinguishes the flame. 

This safety feature prevents harmful fumes from leaking out of the gas line or accidental kitchen fires. We recommend that you look for the FFD feature before purchasing any 4 burner gas stove. 

The Type of Burners 

Wok burners heat up very quickly, so they’re excellent for stir-frying and fast boiling. If you often make simple dishes in a hurry, the SAB-4’s two dual control wok burners will come in handy. With18Mj/hr, the high-powered wok burners heat up faster than the large burners that you typically find on gas cooktops. 

Simmer burners are best for making delicate items such as sauces. It’s best to use small saucepans, and fryer pans on these burners. 

Boiler burners are ideal for when you need to change the temperature rapidly. For example, if you’re cooking rice, you need a precise burner. The quick response time will allow you to bring dishes from a boil to a simmer quickly. 

Cleaning the Family Kitchen 

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Gas cooktops can often be a pain when cleaning the family kitchen. Few people like to scrub the trivets and grooved surfaces of a typical cooktop. However, the SAB-4 makes cleaning easier. It has a smooth glass surface that you can easily wipe down. 

It also comes equipped with a detachable wok ring that you can conveniently rise off in the sink. This design changes the game for busy families that need a clean kitchen but don’t have that much time to clean it. 

High Precision Cooking 

The various types of burners, including the simmer burner, boiler burner, and two wok burners, make cooking more precise. The dual control wok burners also have an inner and outer ring that can heat to different degrees. The multi-flame electric ignition gives the chef another level of control when cooking. 

Access to Gas 

Before building the kitchen or switching from electric to gas, you should make sure you have access to gas. The SAB-4 is compatible with both natural gas or liquid petroleum gas (LPG). However, keep in mind that LPG can be more expensive than connecting to a natural gas grid.

Order the Sab-4 for Your Family Kitchen Today 

With the Australian family busy working, going to school, and attending to daily life, the SAB-4 is a big convenience. With all of its advanced features, it makes cooking more efficient and safer. It also cuts down on cleaning time thanks to its sleek design. 

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