Current Trends in Gas Stove Cooktops: The Ultimate Guide

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Every season there’s a new trend, especially regarding home and kitchen appliances. In fact, at the start of every year, it’s always a manufacturers’ battle to release new kitchen appliances—with different features, colour schemes. So what are the current trends in gas stove cooktops in Australia?

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1. White Stove Tops

Stainless steel appliances have reigned for years, and to some, it’s arguably still the best modern kitchen equipment. However, there’s a new king in town. White stovetops have taken over the throne, and more people are embracing it. 

There’s no doubt that all of us want a wonderfully designed kitchen. Designs are what drives most people to adopt new trends. So how do you get inspired to design your kitchen?

When trying to set up your kitchen, the first things to consider are wood cupboards and white appliances—looking for the perfect blend? Try out our Goldline white cooktop and cast iron trivets that can add a bit of touch to your kitchen. 

Finally, you can finish the arrangement in style by setting up a minimalist feel and incorporating enamel trivets with a white stovetop. Generally, white appliances always create a monochromatic background, which means incorporating a pop colour like orange island will be stunning. 

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2. i-Cooking Gas Hobs

The i-cooking concept is favourable for incorporating all worktop materials such as granite, composite, concrete and glass. Besides, i-cooking is very beneficial as it allows you to design their gas hob, which is fantastic. 

i-cooking designs generally utilise a high-end burner system of up to 6.4kW, which mainly depends on how your family uses gas. This is applied in the 4mm steel i-cooking variant based on optical floating, dual, heat-insulating pan support, and burner mounting plate. Note that the burner mounting plate is typically clamped to the worktop by a temperature resistant silicone. 

The pan support diameter is crucial because it determines the type and size of the pan placed on the burner. Usually, the combustion air is sucked through the pan support due to the patented double-layer construction. This leads to the mounting air cooling of both parts, which include the worktop surrounding the burner. 


3. WiFi Compatible Cooktops

The magic starts with what can be found in your cabinets. WiFi compatible cooktops are nothing but pure creativity and innovation at their best. Furthermore, their incorporation in your kitchen is nothing but excellent artistic work. Whereas mundane cooking tools don’t necessarily appear to impact your cooking affairs, the right cooking tools can make your cooking game top tier.  

Without a doubt, these types of cooktops elevate your kitchen. They perfectly blend your kitchen with multiple capabilities like quality technology, enhancing safe cooking and cooking efficiency. The honeycombed design on your cookware surface ensures the creation of micro pockets of steam that helps you cook.    

With the help of excellent non-stick surfaces that surpass people’s expectations, try our items to see how amazing it is to use metallic utensils on scratch-resistant surfaces. In short, it’s improbable that you’ll need another pan when you invest in our quality cookware. 

4. Cooktops With an Invisible Cooking System

TPB technology is a fantastic benchtop that uses energy-efficient induction for cooking systems. It gives us a unique and aesthetic cooking option with its invisible cooking surface that elevates your kitchen from average to luxurious. 

What makes an invisible cooking system so unique? The fact that it’s the most scratch-resistant cookware surface in the market makes it more popular and favourable amongst most kitchen enthusiasts. Even though using a knife on top of it cannot damage it, it’s still recommended that you find a cutting board to protect it. 

European and American normative can only approve worktops that integrate cooking technology, and this doesn’t do ceramic worktops any favour. This is because ceramic worktops have a low resistance to impact. 

TPB technology is also popular because it has invented, developed, patented, and manufactured technical worktops through induction, enabling you to cook directly on the worktop, thus bringing together the working and cooking area. 

Invisible cooking systems only require adequate power and a covered area so that they can serve you in the best way possible. Further, TPB technology can be used in caravans, offices, dining rooms and yachts. This shows you that they are highly versatile and so you should plan to own one. 

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Keep Up With the Current Trends in Gas Stove Cooktops

We can all agree that it’s easier now than ever to stay connected to your kitchen. Like all the other years, 2021 has come with its fantastic cooktop trends that, without a doubt, most of us will want to try. It can be a built-in vacuum sealer or the ability to control your stovetop automatically. 

If you’re excited as I am about being connected over WiFi, then you can look forward to a fantastic experience with trends that enables you to hook and sync everything with your smartphone. Many manufacturers are working tirelessly to ensure you have an amazing experience. These devices are not built to make us lazy but to make our work easier and efficient.  

As a homeowner, know that your kitchen is vital and the cornerstone of the family. It brings togetherness, and it also plays a crucial role in welcoming visitors to share meals. If you plan to remodel your home, I suggest you put your kitchen first—and we’ve got you covered with our gas stove cooktops.


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