How to Find the Best Gas Cooktop: the Ultimate Guide

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Gas Stove Tops

How to Find the Best Gas Cooktop the Ultimate Guide

Updating your kitchen or building a new home is an exciting experience.

Picking colours and styles, shopping and getting to see the finished product in all its glory.

The fun however can be short lived if you do not feel like you have enough knowledge to make the best decisions.

To help, the experts at Goldline are going to summarise their years of experience into some top facts to ensure your remodelling experience is as smooth and carefree as possible.

To get started you should take note of the following:
  • The amount of available space in your kitchen (if you have a smaller kitchen or narrow bench you may have to consider specialised brands).
  • Shop according to your style of cooking (Do you love asain dishes that need space for large Woks and powerful burners)
  • How many burners or zones you use on most occasions (If you love entertaining you might benefit from a 5 burner stove top for example).
  • What sort of heat do you require? ( If you enjoy Asian style cookery then a strong wok burner is for you) If your cooking style involves low heat or slow cooking, look for simmer burner ratings or low heat settings.

Once you have those answers locked in, it will help to have a clear picture of the different types of cooktops:

Gas cooktops

Gas cooktops are great! They come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, as well as finishes, from glass to stainless steel. With all these great options you are bound to find a cooktop to suit your kitchen and cooking needs.

If considering a gas cooktop note a flame failure device on the top of your checklist. A Flame failure device will stop unburnt gas coming into your kitchen if the flame goes out unexpectedly.

Before hitting the shops be sure to note what type of wear and tear your cooktop will be getting over its lifetime. If you are a chef that cooks frequently cast iron trivets are a little more durable.

If you live in a regional area, you might need to consider if you have access to town gas. Often people that do not have access to town gas are opting for electric cooktops.

Electric Cooktops

Electric cooktops are the preferred option by many, in fact they are our best seller. they are easy to install, available in regional areas where town gas is not available, cost effective at point of purchase and you do not have to worry about buying expensive pots and pans like with induction cooktops.

High-end electric cooktops bring a modern aesthetic to your kitchen. Stylish, frameless ceramic glass exterior and smart touch controls – will become the true centerpiece of your kitchen.

Here are some more fun facts on the electric cooktop:
  • Easy-to-use and, in many cases, the most affordable option available.
  • Thoughtfully spaced with real chefs in mind
  • Elegant and sleek in aesthetics
  • The best heat control available to the Australian public
  • Safety features created with love for your family.
  • Easy to install,
  • Priced with thoughtful consideration of the average working Australian family.
  • Reliable power settings that will give you all the control you need for perfect results every time.
  • Not only aesthetically pleasing, but the glass surface is also super easy to clean and maintain ensuring your kitchen is always looking at its best.

Final Notes

It can be easy to get confused or overwhelmed by the different designs and features available. So when shopping remember you know how you will use your cooktop better than anyone. Everyone is different, so what might be best for your friends or family might not suit you.

  • A cooktop suitable for Asian cookery might not suit pasta and sauce cooking or large diameter saucepans to accommodate large fish fillets or schnitzels and so forth. Consider the layout of the cooking zones and imagine you everyday cookware on the top.
  • Speed and heat control can also depend on your cookware. For example, thin base pans heat quickly but may lose heat once loaded with food, thicker base pans take a little longer to heat but stay hotter when cooking.
  • Touch control for a little extra is ideal. Nothing to clean around, a more flexible space for cookware and commonly some great extra practical features.


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