Gas vs Electric & Induction Cooktops

9 Gas Vs Electric Vs Induction 750x600

Sitting at the kitchen table discussing the upcoming kitchen renovation or deciding whether the old cooktop from the ’90s is at its use-by date, whether the new cooktop is going to be gas or electric. This conversation could bring down the house in a matter of minutes, we have all been there at some point or are going through this now, and we believe both are great options. Let us try and play a mediator on this topic. Goldline is the manufacturer and distributor of Gas cooktops has a soft spot for Gas appliances of course we do, and why you ask let’s go through these

  1. Gas provides you with an instant and in the case of our cooktop designs good heat control
  2. The look of a nice burning flame, knowing the setting of your burner by just looking at it.
  3. You can still use your favorite pots and pans you got from your grandmother as a house warming gift and not worry about looking for a new set.
  4. Imagine hosting those dinner parties, and you have been working on that great stir fry recipe all week and you want it to impress or those thick steaks that need that real heat and power to be cooked just right.
  5. What if the power goes out?
  6. None the least if 75% of households use gas cooking appliances, that says a lot

All these points and many more are put forward when trying to make this decision on a new cooktop, and that is why we focus all our efforts on providing Gas cooktops that answer those doubts. But it’s not our kitchen it’s yours and it’s the place you spend time with the family and friends and we want you to have the best options, so you can be proud. What do you think? Do you think you are a little bit more prepared now when it comes to this topic of debate at the kitchen table?


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