Good Guys Gas Cooktops

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Good Guys Gas Cooktops

The Good Guys gas cooktops selection is one of the top picks for chefs all over the country. This should come as no surprise since the retail chain has been known for providing quality consumer electronics to Australians for decades.

This article will cover the retailer, their history, and the stovetops that they offer their customers so you can determine whether or not they’re the right provider for your cooking appliance needs. Let’s get right into it!

Company History

It all started with Ian Muir in 1952 when he opened his first store. Growth during the first four decades of the company — known as Mighty Muir at the time — was rather sluggish with only 14 stores existing by 1992.

The true turning point for the future retail giant came when Ian Muir and his son Andrew rebranded the chain to “The Good Guys.” Six years after the initial rebrand, the company ran an extremely successful 1998 advertising campaign.

This gave sales a massive boost and fueled the expansion in the coming years. Only 11 years after the milestone campaign, the chain hit 89 stores in what was known as the golden age of The Good Guys empire.

The company tried to expand into the New Zealand market in 2010 but pulled out four years later due to poor returns on their investment. Current estimates have The Good Guys pulling in $2 billion in annual revenue — proving that it’s come a long way from its 14-store chain.

Cooktop Selection

The Good Guys retail chain has one of the most extensive cooktop selections in the entire country. While larger retailers like Harvey Norman may pull in more annual revenue, The Good Guys chain has embraced the concept of diverse catalogues.

Rather than focusing on just a few brands, The Good Guys chain stocks pretty much any cooktop brand you can name — including Goldline itself. You’ll find various Goldline models available both in retail stores and online.

You can get our one-burner 30cm gas cooktop on their online retail site. Four-burner and five-burner models from Goldline are also stocked on the digital catalogue of The Good Guys chain.

Most of the cooktops that we ave stocked on their catalogue are in black but we do have some white variants for the four-burner models. The Goldline models that The Good Guys stock cover all price ranges to ensure that every consumer, regardless of budget, finds the right unit.

Good Guys Gas Cooktops

As you can see, The Good Guys certainly live up to their name when it comes to their brand-selection skills. Overall, we’d have to say that The Good Guys’ title of one of the top retailers in Australia is very well-deserved indeed!

If you want to experience the wonders of Goldline cooktops for yourself then be sure to pick one up at one of The Good Guys’ retail outlets or through their website. Goldline hardware provides the platform you need to put your chef skills to work and make truly amazing meals.


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