Guide to Choosing the Best Gas Cooktops!


Buying a gas cooktop is not as easy as you thought. There are many factors that you might need to consider before selecting one.

When choosing gas cooktops, you should always see what you will use them for and what type of cooking you love.

There are so many cooktops out there in the market to choose from. But the budget also could be a barrier for some people.

A gas cooktop is a great choice for anyone looking for an appliance that can offer plenty of power and versatility. But with all those models and features on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? In this article, we’ll walk you through choosing a gas cooktop and provide tips to help you find the perfect model for your kitchen.

Why Do People Choose Gas Cooktops?

Gas cooktops have long been popular for homeowners because of their precise heat control and ability to heat up quickly.

They come in various designs and finishes, so you can find one that matches your kitchen’s style. Additionally, gas cooktops are highly durable and perform well.

If you have access to gas, then a gas cooktop is a great option for you. Some of the greatest perks for homeowners who prefer gas over electric include instant heat and the ability to make immediate temperature changes.

Gas cooktops are also the most versatile cooktops than any induction cooktop.

Gas cooktops can also be larger if you buy a suitable model. A larger model makes using it very easy.

Top Factors to Consider Before Selecting the Best Gas Cooktops


The first consideration when purchasing a new cooktop is the size. 

Gas cooktops generally have sizes around 930mm*450mm*60mm size. They can run on LPG or natural gas.

There are also square-shaped glass cooktops, Which are around 590 mm long with 515 mm in height.

When buying a gas cooktop, check the space available in your kitchen for suitability. Cooktop sizes have changed over the years.

Pay attention to how the cooktop design is out of proportion with the space available.

Number of Gas Burners

One of the most important factors to consider when replacing your existing cooktop or buying a new one is the number of gas burners you require.

If you have the space, you should get at least four burners as you have here in this gas cooktop. Even though this is one of the narrow gas cooktops, it still has four burners and controls on top.

This Goldline gas cooktop comes with FFD (Flame Failure Device) that stops the LPG supply instantly when the burner is turned off. This is one of the most needed features that you would need to keep your family safe.

Burner Power

When choosing a gas cooktop for your kitchen, you must consider the burner quantity and power. The more burners a cooktop has, the more powerful it will be.

Additionally, higher prices will lead to a more robust and precise burner. This means that you can control the heat output more accurately, which is important for tasks like simmering sauces or melting chocolate.

Take an example of this stainless steel gas cooktop, which has two SABAF burners which distribute the flame uniformly for better cooking: one Boiler burner and one simmer burner.

With these four burners, you have enough power to make all the foods you can make for your family.

Cleaning of the Gas Burner Top

Another important factor is how easy the cooktop is to clean. Smooth surfaces are generally much easier to clean than those with raised ridges or bumps. Glass ceramic surfaces are also a good option, as they are durable and resistant to scratches and heat damage but require regular cleaning.

Most cooktops are easy to clean but can quickly get messy if a lot of food is being cooked at once.

Cast Iron Trivets

The cast iron trivet used to support the base of a wok is another important consideration. Without a trivet, the base of the wok is often too large to fit safely on your stovetop. An extra-wide trivet will take up more space on your stove but will ensure that the base of the wok fits in snugly.

At Goldlinecorp, we provide large enough yet aesthetic cast iron trivets with every gas cooktop model.

.Enamel, glass or stainless steel baseplates

Cooktops have a baseplate, which sits on top of the cooktop. The baseplate is the cooktop part that sits on the countertop. It is made of stainless steel, glass, or enamel.

It’s the part of the cooktop that sits on the countertop.,If you are buying a new cooktop, make sure that the cooktop is compatible with the baseplate you are planning to buy.

Some cooktops have baseplates that sit perfectly on top of gas cooktops.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions or fit your new baseplate onto your cooktop to verify whether the cooktop is compatible with your baseplate.

Unique Features

Nowadays, many gas cooktops have unique features like electronic ignition, flame failure device, simmer burners, illuminated knobs, and more. Having a lot of unique features will increase the price; thus, be careful while choosing a gas top.


Ultimately, your budget will decide what type of gas cooktops you will bring home. Smaller gas cooktops have fewer burners; thus, they are less expensive than four or six-burner gas cooktops.

More to Consider When Looking for a Gas Cooktop Burner

Smart and Safety Features of Cooktops

Cooktops come with various features, some of which are more common than others. Bridges and downdrafts are two features, but cooktops also come with various smart features. These include pan size sensors, digital and touch controls, pan sensors, and wok burners.

Not all the cooktops have all the features, so be sure to review the specifications.

Cooktop Controls and Trivets

Cooktops with touch controls make it easy to adjust the heat and cook food evenly. Gas cooktops have knobs that easily turn on and provide consistent heat. Trivets help to protect your countertop from excessive heat and make it easier to clean up any spills.

Energy Efficiency

Cooktops account for a large percentage of the energy used in your kitchen. Electric ignition, Flame Failure Device features makes the kitchen safer and more efficient.

Installation Requirements for Cooktops

A qualified technician must professionally install cooktops. Be sure to check the specifications of the cooktop and kitchen before installing the gas cooktop.

Wok burner

WOKs are designed to let you cook food that needs to be stirred and turned over. They’re ideal for use on a gas stovetop. WOKs are usually longer than cooktops, meaning you can cook foods over a longer period.


Many people look for a gas cooktop due to the versatility it offers. This appliance can adapt to a variety of different cooking requirements.

For the busy Australian kitchen, we have a lot of different types of gas cooktops. If you are unsure what to pick, just contact us, and we will guide you!



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