Here’s What Happened when the Property Brothers Built a 2-Island Kitchen

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Popular Aussie show “The Property Brothers” returned for its 14th season recently, bringing with it, exciting new ideas on how to upgrade your home. We’ve seen some pretty out-there ideas on this realty program before, but Drew and Jonathan Scott proved that they could surprise us yet again with their latest episode “Island Getaway”. As part of the episode, the twins designed a home for a couple ready to start living in their own Las Vegas home.


While the original plan for the kitchen was to have a standard island with seating, the couple were worried that they wouldn’t be able to reach the centre of the island for cleaning. As a result, the idea of two sister islands was born. The HGTV duo shared their concerns about having two islands at first, saying that they were worried it would like aisles at a supermarket. However, the design turned out a lot better than expected.

HGTV viewers were surprised but inspired by the reveal. While some homeowners said that they wouldn’t have picked the two island approach themselves, many agreed that the design really worked for the Las Vegas’ couple’s home.


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