Here’s Why Airbnb Owners in Noosa Might Have to Remove their Kitchens

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Airbnb owners in a popular part of Australia may be forced to remove their second kitchens following the introduction of some new bylaws. Noosa is a popular tourist destination on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, but the places that Airbnb customers can stay in this location may be about to change. According to Airbnb host, Rob Neely, the Noosa council will now be stopping short-term rental properties from having secondary food preparation areas in the home.

Bed and breakfast locations, as well as Airbnb’s, will now be included as “home-based businesses” under the guidelines of the new plan. This means that no stoves, refrigerators or kitchen sinks will be allowed outside of the primary kitchen. This means that guests won’t be able to make a cup of tea in their own part of a residence.

Why the Change of Regulation?

Mr. Neely received a letter asking him to remove his second kitchen utilities following the introduction of the new legislation from the Australian Noosa council. The letter confirms that bed and breakfast locations will now be deemed home-based businesses. The document also states that Mr. Neely’s properly is not compliant with the rules and regulations of the new planning scheme.

Both the new and current planning scheme only allows for a single kitchen per dwelling to allow for the current requirements of the Noosa council. Neely was asked to confirm that he would be removing the second kitchen by the end of November.
Mr. Neely purchased his home in Noosa twelve years ago, which already included a second kitchen. The new plan for Noosa residents states that guests of Airbnb and bed and breakfast locations should not have their own facilities for preparing food.

Misleading Information?

If a home doesn’t meet with the newly updated criteria for the short-term accommodation standards in Noosa, then planning approval will be required. According to Tony Wellington, the major of Noosa, Mr. Neely’s Facebook post on the issue was misleading. He noted that when entire flats or houses are let, they can have a kitchen. However, there shouldn’t be another separate kitchen in a home that is being used as a dwelling for travelers too.


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